Planktonberry (FJ&EA SC)(Fantasy Samurai Sea Monk/Omibozu)(24th Place) Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Feudal Japan & East Asian - Skin Contest.

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Planktonberry (FJ&EA SC)(Fantasy Samurai Sea Monk/Omibozu)(24th Place)

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Planktonberry - The Lightbearer

Hello! These contests are really popping up like crazy this summer, huh. Anyway, another final fantasy inspired entry if you have guessed by the name, and its background is in direct relation to my very first skin Zen, so do check the latter yet very badly shaded skin out too! Plus there are some bonus features to this skin like Blender tribute photos (about time.), atmosphereless variants and concept art. Enjoy!

Programs and mods used:
MCSkin 3D by Paril
Blender Render
Planktonberry (FJ&EA SC)(Fantasy Samurai Sea Monk/Omibozu)(24th Place) Minecraft Skin
Reference Image (Source from Google)
Planktonberry (FJ&EA SC)(Fantasy Samurai Sea Monk/Omibozu)(24th Place) Minecraft Skin
Jukebox Music
Background Story
The great Akuma cloud cluster slowly descended and propagated, swallowing our sailing sky. An applause of rain greeted the decks. The alarm bells were cast and an overhaul awoke to flush the flooding waters out of the trade ship hull. The exports we carried to our destination were crates full of pure, soft iron. This mission was my first - escorting the fleet crew and assisting the swordsmith department on land as the famed Murasama. Soon, it was not the storm that had struck great fear.
An army of fiery lights flowed beneath the fleet towards... that koi fish village, perhaps? They didn't seem to bother us and passed; however, just the sight brought about new fear among the crew members. The waves steadily rose, their number grew bigger and swords were unsheathed.

Out of the lip of tidal waves they struck. In the darkness of Akuma, these armoured creatures boarded the fleet like shadows with lamps. Their angler bulbs whizzed about the deck coincidentally with screams of pain. Swords crossed, clashed and crumpled. Cannons were furiously ignited and shot on deck and into the water like maniacal yokais dancing with thunder. These cannons they cast aside; they set fire to the sails and raided the cabins into which I retreated. More blood and metalwere spilt inside. I fought alongside few samurai with the advantage of the fire, cutting wave after wave the approaching mermen. And it was wave after wave the crew slowly regained the cabins, but the battle continued seemingly forever.

It was then that the rest of the surviving crew had taken back the deck when I found a lampless child merman attempting to save another. I held my sword up ready to strike, but I just stood there watching the young one desperately wriggling the body, stroking its lifeless face and shivering in horror. It saw my threat and, in a panic, drew its heavy knife yet fumbled it out of fear. It cowered, stumbling several times towards the end of the room and huddled as if bowing deep to the gods. Clearing the ship of innocent youth like this couldn't have been honourable; it must be given a second chance to justice and the way of the sword.

Resheathing my blade, I picked up its knife and offered it half in expectation to meet a sudden foolish death. It was customary for every dueling man to be supplied with his respective weapon, through which a samurai's death is justified. It appeared confused once it peered up. Was I allowing it to kill me? Was it a trick by me to kill it with its own blade? Slowly it reached for the hilt. Suddenly it grabbed the blade... threw it aside and hugged me instead.

Rejected by the land society, I bestowed his name Plank and sheltered him in a deep beach cove close to my destination port. The little one was so eager to learn, to play and to explore; hence, I invested to him a small lantern as a substitute to his missing esca and set him forth deeper into the caves while I worked with the smiths. After rest time, I would sneak away at night to teach Plank. Though he clinged to his butcher knife, I tried my best to train him techniques only suited best with katanas. He adapted very well to one handed defence, especially whilst holding the lantern steadily with the other. Day and night he would strengthen these skills and I would refill the oil in his lamp or invigilate his nightly dances. I would save part of daily fish and sushi rations to keep him well fed. Sooner or later the time would come for me to release him back to his sea home, possibly in the initiative to reconcile mankind with the tonberries and other involved races.
But it was not to be, as far as I remembered it.

About 50 ships of the northern empires were spotted on the horizon at one morning, causing the local guard to prepare for battle. I geared up, thinking constantly about Plank being spotted, captured or killed simply as those I encountered on the trade fleet. I burdened myself with such an exorbitant responsibility that it seemed throwing my own life between the invaders and Plank was the only way to protect him. I rushed towards the cave out of notice, until the land was met with a heavy rain of arrows in which some have struck my legs. The crawl was excruciating... Barely conscious under the pain, I witnessed the little one charging after me and assisting my struggle towards the cove. There was no time, no energy to tend to my wounds, but Plank pressed on them panicked similarly to the first time I found him. It was then someone had entered the cave.

It was a vaguely familiar hylotl from the koi village who must have noticed the faint lantern in the cave mouth... The moment its triple crimson eyes spotted the tonberry hunched over me, they immediately sparked and it charged forward. Through the last glance into Plank's tearful amber eyes, I breathed unto him my courage and my honour to confront the attacker before I descended unconscious.

All there was to imagine after the inferno was that his lamp had burned out. It was the last time I have seen him or the hylotl since my fall and recovery, both among many other species who fall victim to the destruction of armed survival. If only total unity against a common evil were to bloom, it would be then that I shall rest in darkness peacefully.
Bonus Features
Concept Art
Planktonberry (FJ&EA SC)(Fantasy Samurai Sea Monk/Omibozu)(24th Place) Minecraft Skin
Variant Skins (atmosphere shade removed)
Default atmosphereless

Without tail

Without lantern (used in tribute photo)

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