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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Cover Guy

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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is an online battle royal video game published and developed by Bluehole. It is on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. In the game, up to one hundred players fight in a last man standing deathmach. In the beginning, the players start off by parachuting into a five mile by five mile map, or 8 kilometers by 8 kilometers for all you non-Americans out there. You can either play solo or with a team, but either way, the last player or team standing wins the game. You can find weapons, ammunition, protective armor, and medical items in various buildings located around the map. You can loot anybody you kill, and, as I said, the last person or team standing wins.

This skin is based of the person on the cover of the game. Show this skin some love, but not too much love! If you decide to be sneaky and try to make this skin your own, you'll be flagged! Like many PUBG players I show no mercy. Now gimme those diamonds and likes!


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