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Pulse (Rainbow Six Siege)

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SenorMisophonia's Avatar SenorMisophonia
Level 32 : Artisan Button Pusher
"In a life threatening situation, the average person's heartbeat can be upwards of 175 beats per minute. A well trained tango is able to stay cool, keep calm. Their heart rates can be 70 to 100 beats per minute. But by the time I'm done, that number goes down to zero."
-Jack "Pulse" Estrada.

Pulse is an FBI defending operator in Rainbow Six Siege. He has three speed points and one armor point, with his official gadget being the HB-5 Cardiac Sensor. When his cardiac sensor is equipped, Pulse has the ability to locate his enemies through walls at a certain range. However, his cardiac sensor can be disabled by Thatcher's EMP grenades. Most of the experts tend to roam with Pulse, making him a choice roaming operator for thousands of players (out of the 20 million that play R6).

But holy moly, it's been so long since I've been on here. Anyway, sorry for the wait, people. I just started Sophomore year, and let me tell you, making good grades is harder than making good skins. So sorry about that. I'll be trying to post more skins more often. And speakin' of skins, if you try and re-upload this as your own skin, you will be flagged. So that's pretty much it. Leave me Xbox skin suggestions down in the comments and I'l see you dudes and dudettes later!



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