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This Skin is an entry in the completed Aquatic Adventures Minecraft Skin Contest.

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Plenty of fish in the sea

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Before we get into the character itself i just want to bring your attention to a company I found not too long ago. I figured this competition would be the perfect opportunity to raise a little awareness and help save our oceans. Please give it a read, or at least check out the website:

United By Blue is an outdoor apparel start-up founded by Brian Linton in 2010. Their focus is ocean conservation and promise to remove a pound of trash from the ocean for every product they sell. The company based in Philadelphia have currently removed over 500 tonnes of litter from our oceans and water ways. They also hosts an ongoing social media conversation around ocean and wildlife conversation — encouraging fans to share their outdoor, travel and volunteer photos with the hashtag #BlueMovement.

I named my piece plenty of fish in the sea as an Ironic statement. Of course there are still trillions of fish, but that number is forever decreasing. Most of the fish we eat nowadays have at least microparticals if not actual flakes of plastic in them.

United By Blue provide a way for you to help out whilst still seeing personal benefit. By purchasing their clothing you can help save the ocean, lets as a community start to fight back against the islands of plastic forming throughout our oceans!

Please check out their website and see all the great clothing they offer


It’s been 30 generations since the sea creatures had to leave, The ocean became crowded by all sorts of plastic, rope, oil and a mix of chemicals. Many species died, the most famous being Tiger Shark’s, Orca’s and Dolphin’s. The rest were left to evolve. Many Fish species had become extinct, the last patch of coral reef died out about 2045 eliminating food and the habitats of the sea. It became difficult for any species to survive under the water, many species joined together creating new creatures. This explosive change to the oceans forced the creatures to evolve heavily, many became much more dangerous predators, many became incredibly clever but some became what we call ‘patch snackers’ that evolved to be able to digest plastic, taking the chemicals from it as a form of energy.

Few creatures managed to evolve into a more supreme race. Seals, Penguins and Octopuses, turtles all of which could switch between being inside of and outside of water became more humanoid. Living on the land alongside the humans who had aided this process as a final attempt to save the creatures of the ocean. Nowadays the new races can be found all across the planet.

Seals – Became a docile race able unable to walk properly with their large oblong bodies and small limbs. They mostly work desk jobs, but can sometimes be found driving deliveries or running taxi services.

Penguins – These guys are a dwarf race and are very intelligent, working in banks, finance and law. They can be a little snappy with a short temper so don’t laugh when they fall over, as hilarious as it can be.

Turtles – Became highly skilled beings that fight against the evil in our world. The race was the first to evolve and so many refer to them still as mutants but these ninja turtles are one of the most advanced race.

There were more races to evolve but we’ll skip them and go onto the most advanced of all, The Octosapiens. For some reason octopus became the most humanoid during their evolution. Some say it was due to research being done on octopuses prior to the ocean becoming so polluted. Nowadays the Octosapiens live as an intelligent race similar to humans with families, a complex language and a desire to protect the future of the planet. Their work focuses on preservation of the last few natural sights as they work with the Lemurs also evolved during the Great Deforestation of 2104. Conservation is always in the heart or Octosapiens and they do whatever they can to help. They spend their days working to clean up the planet for us, and all they ask is you do your part, and help where out where you can.

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06/11/2018 12:45 am
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favourite skin of the contest
06/14/2018 5:54 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
Oak Runner
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06/08/2018 1:54 pm
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"fish noises" :o
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