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Level 45 : Master Toast

Hey everyone!  I've decided to compile many PMC members into one skin post, where you will find my interpretations of their skins/avatar.  In each spoiler, there will be a picture preview, the skin itself, and a short description on the member.  Please do not take to offense that you were not included in this compilation, as it is constantly being updated with new members.  I hope you understand that I cannot include all the thousands of members there are on Planet Minecraft.  Thank you and enjoy!

Please be sure to support these members below by subscribing and checking out their accounts!


Allergy_Man is an increasingly popular skinner.  His skins often change between styles at the moment, but he manages to pull all of them off.  His ideas are well executed and thus, he is a stellar skinner.  He sometimes appears in the PMC chat and always has a jolly attitude, even when others are feeling a bit troubled.  However, he does occasionally have mucus flowing from his nose, so don't get too close.


"I'm bad at desicions." - Allergy_Man (12/11/14) 



-ATOM- is just a really cool person all around.  As one of the forum moderators in Planet Minecraft, he enforces the laws with an iron fist but inside, he is truly a playful puppy.  (dont hurt me)  Not only is he a moderator, -ATOM- is also an extraordinary skinner, successfully executing each and every skin he creates.  This multi-talented Wolverine is definitely bang material.

"[Quote to be determined]" - -ATOM-



ItsPyro may not seem like much at first, but give him a chance by clicking his profile.  There you will be astonished by the amazing skinning talent this nut has.  He has a superhuman taste of colors and utlitizes the best kind of shading style ever.  (totally not biased)  However, don't be too drawn in, for he is mentally instable and will eat your babies.  He has been classified as 'dedsane' by his doctor, SharkBoi.

"[Quote to be determined]" - ItsPyro

(I'm not too fond of my skin so this may be temporary)


Kefka otherwise known as Lord Kefka is, in my opinion, the face of skinning.  Just look at this fine specimen.  His subscriber count clearly exemplifies the amount of power he holds in the realm of skinning.  Even with his immense popularity, he still remains a uncorrupt person at heart, as he does actually comment and talk to people, unlike some people who have had fame get into their heads.

"[Quote to be determined]" - Kefka


Legoskeleton is an epic skinner in all proportions.  He has created many Nintendo themed skins, which is amazing and mainly focuses on gaming characters in general.  He executes each of his skins with amazing precision to their reference and a interesting utilization of layers to create a new kind of skin.  The only problem I have with him is his FNAF skins, but that's probably because I'm biased against FNAF, haha.  However, other than that, you are one epic person Legoskeleton!  Don't step on him guys, he hurts!

"[Quote to be determined]" - Legoskeleton

(I'm not too fond of my skin so this may be temporary)




Paint_Bucket is agreeably the best bucket out on the planet.  Interestingly enough, he is actually a really buff, swoll, whatever you want to call it, dude.  He has a delicate touch with his skins, making them all eye-pleasing and has a knack for creating skins that hit the spot.  His green moustache is hypnotising and I have yet to touch it one day.

(I was going to say handle but that sounded wrong.)

"[Quote to be determined]" - Paint_Bucket

[Skin body was inspired by url=/member/paddy/]Paddy[/url]]



Pikamoar is a great guy at all points.  As and avid Gandalf enthusiast, he has recently grown a beard and a unicorn horn.  With these magical characteristics, he creates amazing skins and is steadily improving.  He has interesting ideas and a great mind to put them to work.  He is an amazing person in chat and always greets the chatters with a warm hello and a smile.  (I think.)  We need moar pika.

"He was a specimen of buff manliness, but upon further investigation, he turned out to be myself!." - Pikamoar  (12/12/14)



PureNerd.  He's pretty boss I guess.  PureNerd always participates in community challenges and contests alike, making him a strong competitor through his experience.  He has a knack for making the best out of palettes and creating the most fit skins for a theme.  Gosh.  I sometimes hate him because he's so good. -3-

I made you a butcher because who knows how you look behind that mask? 

"[Quote to be determined]" - PureNerd



Ripclaw.  Yes, he is still alive and breathing.  The forums is a scary place, but with Ripclaw there is no fear!  That sounded really cliche, haha.  I have never seen him moderate, but clearly, if he has taken a hiatus and still remains a forum moderator, he has to be doing something right.  All his skins are also done right, as he has unique ideas, often relating to RPG.  He is always helpful, especially if you need have a body part ripped off.  (That was random. o.o)

"[Quote to be determined]" - Ripclaw



Sharkboi.  Just click his profile and you'll see why he's so freaking amazing.  He has an amazing sense of colors, just as ItsPyro.  Sorry Shark, had to compare you to that dedsane dude.  He has a witty humor and a great personality.  Also, his skins are always filled with finesse and unique structures.  He advocates for shark equality.

"ItsPyro is the most dedsanest person I all know." - SharkBoi


taterman88.  There are plenty of good skinners but this dude is awesome.  Click his profile and you will be utterly destroyed because he will literally make your skins look like trash because they are so beautiful.  Every skin he makes is a masterpiece and he is becoming a Kefka 2.0.  Just check him out you won't regret it, I assure you.  100% Guarantee, if you don't like it, your money back.

"[Quote to be determined]" - taterman88


Thezi is a stunning skinner.  His skinning style, in my biased opinion, is literally godsend.  He utilizes simplistic shading, with just enough that it will make your eyes pop larger than the Sun.  He also has a stunning sense of color and diverse set of skins.  He is an ecstatic person in chat and you will rarely ever see him depressed.  (only when he can't think of a skin idea)

"[Quote to be determined]" - Thezi


XDInsanity is practically insane.  Sometimes he's just so random that it makes him appear crazy.  Aside from his craze, XDInsanity channels his energy into his skins, where his skills are put into play.  He uses an amazing simplistic shading style, which is extraordinary in every way - he uses minimal colors to still create a story.  XDInsanity also has the most interesting and unusual skin ideas, which make him a very unique skinner.

"as my music teacher once said: dont ride bikes, ride motorcycles ... whats picarto a bowling site or something?" - XDInsanity (12/11/14)


Remember to check these amazing PMC members out if you haven't already!

Also, I will not take requests!  If you post down below along the lines of "make me!" chances are you won't be made, unless I was planning on making you.  I already have certain people in mind, a lot in fact.

This skin compilation will be constantly updated with new skins, so be sure to check back on it to see if you're here!

*Shameless self-advertising to my NEW! deviantart account.

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10/25/2015 8:22 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Batman
Dutch_Emperor's Avatar
I can't believe you made me too
idk lol
10/07/2015 10:18 pm
Level 25 : Expert Crafter
idk lol's Avatar
I luv the skin you made with the PMC globe, diamond and fave :D
05/24/2015 3:50 pm
Level 49 : Master Blockhead
Happs's Avatar
Me? Me
04/30/2015 7:17 am
Level 22 : Expert Network
YTCereal's Avatar
No me.. kk
03/17/2015 1:16 pm
Level 48 : Master Button Pusher
hepphepp's Avatar
Awesome! But, no female skinners?
04/05/2015 11:52 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Goblin
broosbit's Avatar
Sadly most female skinners only make girl skins (the cliche ones you always see on pop reel).
06/03/2016 8:31 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Meme
Faz_'s Avatar
Just because they make girls doesn't mean they aren't valid PMC members/skinners, you sexist pile of turds
06/09/2016 3:06 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Goblin
broosbit's Avatar
Never said that. Just wish there was more variety in that section, is all.
04/28/2015 5:33 pm
Level 48 : Master Button Pusher
hepphepp's Avatar
Yeah, but what about rere098?
09/06/2015 12:31 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Network
Banana's Avatar
I'm pretty sure there is a female in this.
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