Mega Man - Protoman (NES Version) Minecraft Skin
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Mega Man - Protoman (NES Version)

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Josephine Lithius's Avatar Josephine Lithius
Level 37 : Artisan Bunny
*whistle~* Everyone's favorite mysterious robot in red, now part of the Minecraft collective… in NES style!

Protoman, Mega Man, and related properties and characters created by and © Capcom Co. LTD

Alternate skin downloads
Protoman (this version)
Modern (64 x 64 Steve), Classic (64 x 32)

Breakman (different helmet and neckwear)
Modern (64 x 64 Steve), Classic (64 x 32)
CreditSprites Inc (inspiration)

2 Update Logs

v1.9: Rounding Off : by Josephine Lithius 07/15/2017 12:00:13 pmJul 15th, 2017

Just a couple of cosmetic changes.
  • Raised the height of Protoman's boots(
    They looked weird being half the height of his actual legs.)
  • Moved Protoman's belt from his "overlay" layer to his base layer
    (His official art shows it as a part of his jumpsuit rather than having it stick out like armor.
    This also fixes a missing pixel I somehow missed under his shield.)
  • Added some pseudo-rounding to Protoman's arms and legs
    (His boots and gauntlets "taper off" around the top, now.)
  • *Modern skins only* Changed Protoman's left arm to his Proto Buster
    (A lot of his official artwork shows him wielding the Proto Buster on his left hand. While that has no bearing on Minecraft's gameplay, I figured I'd add it in, anyway.)

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