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avatar hollow123
Level 39 : Artisan Nether Knight
Humanoid robots born under the Shaded Cloaks, these cyborg assassins are built to find, pursue, and dispose of their target. These creatures will not stop until a job is done, hidden in the shadows they wait. A stalker of the night, a figure not seen, a shadow, a Shaded Cloak.

This wasn't anything special, but I am a big fan of Cyberpunk and didn't want to miss out on a chance like this. I also did really really close shading so much of it you cant see unless you truly try! haha

I felt I should post something to keep the people aware that I am alive. I am alive so you all know. Also I am lazy so I won't be fixing any of my past skins that had flipped textures because of that older update for Minecraft. I'll fix it when my program allows me to flip textures. Though if you really wanna use it feel free to try yourself or have someone else as long as credit is still given, sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Love you all and best of luck to everyone entering the contest, may the best man win! ~Hollow123
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