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[[Random gameseries lol]] Persona 3 FeMC

[[Random gameseries lol]] Persona 3 FeMC Minecraft Skin
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avatar MoltenONI
Level 39 : Artisan Robot

so, moltenoni story time

ok a few days ago i went back to p3p to start a new run (this time in the female route 'cus i already completed the male one lol)
everything was going smoothly, destroying the first shadow nons, you know, the usual...

but when i ACTUALLY had to fight the residue of magician i noticed something

something weird... unusual... i heard trumpets... the music, something was going on with the music!

"did this fight's music always sound like that??" i thought, maybe because some fights have unique music

then on tartarus the music was STILL going on in each battle

and then i actually used my robo-brain and figured it out- "oh, the music is different because it's the female route.." I FELT LIKE AN IDIOT, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?

yea, mass destruction wans't playing because it was the female route and instead it was replaced by wiping all out (both are bangers tho, would recommend)

and i felt like making a skin to commerate this epic moltenoni moment


summer uniform alt here lol

hope you had fun reading my dumb anecdotes or liked the skin lol

vote for me

-MoltenONI out!
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