RAT CHEF [29th place!] Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Crazy Halloween Costumes Skin Contest.

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RAT CHEF [29th place!]

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Level 49 : Master Lad
he won't give you a trick nor a treat

he'll just give you a bunch of dead rats from the bubonic plague
Non-Canon Story
John and his little brother Ian knocked on the door of the small, seeming abandoned apartment.

John, who was 15 years old, didn't want to go to Halloween; he thought it was for little children. However, his parents forced him to go since his 9-year old brother Ian wanted to go. Ian was a naive, impulsive and annoying child. Whenever John tried to ditch him, Ian would start to cry and warn John that if he ever left him, he would tell their parents.

The two brothers were waiting to see if anybody would answer to the door but for a while, there was no response.

"I think we should leave, Ian. I mean, this place seems so empty, and not to mention, it kinda gives me chills. Can we just go back home now?", John said.

However those words fell on deaf ears and Ian, impatient, started knocking repeatedly on the door. John moaned in irritation.
Suddenly the door opened, which surprised the two. Inside was a man who was dressed up in costume which seemed to resemble the legendary Guy Fieri.

John, disturbed by the strange man, stepped back a few paces. But Ian did not budge.
The man then gave two a strange smile, which gave John the chills.

"So you kids want some candy, huh?" The man grinned.

His voice was very rough, as if a bunch of salt rocks were crammed down his throat.

"N-no thanks!", John stammered, stepping a few more paces back. "Just for him, that's all!"

The man, seemingly disappointed that John declined his offer, looked towards Ian, whose eyes shone brightly as he lifted his bag towards him.

"I want my candy!" Ian cried out.

The man beamed brightly at Ian. He then gave the boy several strange oval-shaped things that made John wonder if they were even candy.

"This is the last of the bunch I have," the man said. "I hope you have a happy Halloween! I just hope that no one ruins it." The man laughed his strange laugh again as he closed the door.

John wanted to leave immediately. He grabbed Ian's hand, and rushed off as fast as he could. All he wanted was to get away from that very place.

"Wait! We haven't even filled the whole bag, yet!" Ian shouted.

"It's getting late, and I'm tired anyways!" John replied.

Frustrated, Ian gave John a glum look and motioned him to stop.

"At least let me try the candy that guy gave us. I want to see what kind of flavor it is" Ian said.

"Fine, but just hurry up!" John answered.

Ian started to take off the wrapper. Meanwhile, John check on his phone to see the time. 11:00 PM. His parents are seriously gonna kill him.
John sighed, but it was cut short when Ian erupted a shrill scream.

"Shut up, Ian! You're gonna wake the neighbors up! What's the matter, anyways!?" John whispered in anger.

Shaking, Ian showed John what scared him, which left John horrified.

"It's a rat... A rat in the candy... What's it doing here...!?"

John was left speechless. He then remember the guy's horrible laugh and grins.

"I hope you have a happy Halloween! I just hope that no one ruins it."
Those words were etched into John's mind.

What kind of sick joke is this, and above that, who was that guy!?

RAT CHEF [29th place!] Minecraft Skin

Anyways, this is the Guy Fieri cosplay Filthy Frank used in his "RAT CHEF" video. Take note that it is not for the light-hearted.

I decided to make this skin for the heck of it, and since it IS considered to be a costume.

NOTES: holy crap a popreel ty so much guys

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Update #1 : by no requests 10/23/2015 7:43:47 pmOct 23rd, 2015

Included a story, and fixed some minor errors

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This is the best thing omfg. You win everything.
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