~ Rio Ranger ~ | Your Turn To Die Minecraft Skin
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~ Rio Ranger ~ | Your Turn To Die

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froggysushi's Avatar froggysushi
Level 54 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
I started playing Your Turn To Die again bc I kinda miss the game and now I'm lowkey obsessed with it again-

Anyways, I really want to make some skins of YTTD-Characters, so I started with a skin of my favorite character Rio Ranger! I actually really like how it turned out ^^ I've actually made skins of Sara and Ranger a few months ago but those just- really don't look that good-

I'm planning to do more YTTD-Skins. The next character is probably going to be Sara because, as I said, I already made a skin of her once and I'd like to remake that one too.

Pic of my old Ranger skin bc why not
~ Rio Ranger ~ | Your Turn To Die Minecraft Skin

Feel free to use this skin, but please:

- do not reupload this skin
- do not claim this skin as your own
- do not edit this skin

~ Rio Ranger ~ | Your Turn To Die Minecraft Skin

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