SCP-049 (Plague Doctor) Minecraft Skin
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SCP-049 (Plague Doctor)

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SCP-049 "Plague Doctor"

SCP-049 (Plague Doctor) Minecraft Skin


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is to be contained in a standard, hardened humanoid containment cell at Research Sector 02, Site 19. SCP-049 is to be sedated prior to any attempt to transport SCP-049. During transport, SCP-049 is to be kept in a reinforced Class 3 humanoid restraint system (with collar and strain reliefs), with at least two armed guards at all times.

Typically, SCP-049 makes contact with most Foundation personnel. Despite this, any sudden change in behavior should be stopped by force. During such fluctuations, employees should avoid direct contact with the object by all available means. It has been found that the use of L. multifida lavender can have a calming effect on the subject if he becomes aggressive. Once calmed, SCP-049 tends to become more accommodating and returns to its containment chamber with little to no resistance. In order to continue to successfully contain SCP-049, the carcass of a recently deceased animal (usually a cow or other large mammal) is to be presented to the entity once every two weeks for research. Corpses that have become SCP-049-2 are to be removed from SCP-049's containment chamber and destroyed by incineration. The decision has been made to forbid further human testing of SCP-049, and all requests for human test subjects are to be denied.
Temporary Containment Update: (See Addendum 049.3) Per Order #049.S19.17.1 of the Containment Committee, SCP-049 is prohibited from interacting directly with Foundation personnel. Also, the object is no longer given corpses for anatomical experiments. This measure has been in place indefinitely and may only be lifted once a consensus has been reached regarding the long-term containment of SCP-049.

Description: SCP-049 is a humanoid entity approximately 190 cm tall, similar in appearance to a medieval plague doctor. At first glance, SCP-049 appears to be wearing the thick hoodie and ceramic mask characteristic of the profession, however these garments appear to have gradually grown out of SCP-0491's own body and are currently indistinguishable from what they may be hiding. under you. However, x-rays show SCP-049 has a human-like skeleton underneath this outer layer.
SCP-049 is capable of speaking many languages, although it primarily prefers English and Old French2. SCP-049's personality is generally friendly, willingly making contact with Foundation personnel, however, if SCP-049 believes there is what it calls "The Pestilence" nearby, it becomes extremely irritable, and sometimes even aggressive. The nature of this "Pendage" is unclear to Foundation researchers, but appears to be of particular importance to SCP-049.

SCP-049 is openly aggressive towards those it considers afflicted by the "Pest," in which case it often needs to be contained. Given free rein, SCP-049 will typically attempt to kill such a subject; SCP-049 is able to stop all biological functions in the body through direct contact with exposed areas of the body. The mechanism behind this phenomenon is unknown, and autopsy results on victims killed by SCP-049 in this way are inconclusive in all cases. SCP-049 expresses annoyance or remorse at these deaths, stating that the victims did not try to fight the "Pedamen", though it usually seeks to perform primitive surgery on the corpse using the tools it carries in its black medical bag at all times3. The operation does not always "succeed", but will often result in the creation of SCP-049-2.

SCP-049-2 are the animated corpses of subjects operated on by SCP-049. Judging by external signs, they do not retain memories and mental skills and are endowed with only basic motor skills and response mechanisms. They are generally sedentary, moving infrequently and erratically, but when prompted or commanded by SCP-049, they can become extremely aggressive. SCP-049-2 has active biological functions, however they are radically different from what is known to modern science of human physiology. Despite these differences, SCP-049 often claims that subjects have been "healed".
SCP-049 was discovered during the investigation of several cases of missing persons in the vicinity of Montaban, in southern France. During a raid on a private residence, several instances of SCP-049-2 were found, as well as SCP-049 itself. There was a confrontation between law enforcement officials and aggressive instances of 049-2. SCP-049 observed the progress of the encounter and made notes in its journal. After all instances of SCP-049-2 were neutralized, SCP-049 voluntarily surrendered to the Foundation.

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Good work, nice to see an actual relevant SCP...
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