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SCP Foundation: Dr Iceberg

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The Fishmonger's Avatar The Fishmonger
Level 38 : Artisan Button Pusher
Name: Dr. █████ "Iceberg" ████

Security Clearance: Level 2

Specialization: SCP Research, Mechanical Engineering, Weapon Devolpment, Emergency Security Detail, Paperwork

Site of Operations: Travels as needed. Commonly located at Site 11, Site 23, Site 19, and occasionally Armed Research Site-45.

Profile: Dr. █████ is low level researcher currently employed by the Foundation. While hard working, "Iceberg" is noted on various sites for numbers negative characteristics, from egotism to several possible mental conditions.
Due to the █████ Incident on ██/█/██, Dr. █████ now possesses an average body temperature of -7 degrees Celsius, which he has noted on several occasions to be "very irritating." This is currently held as the most likely explanation for his current codename, as it was not given out by Site Command.

At current, further promotion is on hold following investigation to links with the ███.

History: Dr. █████ was found when Foundation agents investigated an explosion at a hidden American Military Base. They had been doing research on [DATA EXPUNGED], which had led to an accident wherein [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to his qualifications and progress on the research, he was offered a job with the Foundation.

Additional Notes:
"If you have any major paperwork, feel free to give it to this guy. He just burns through it. - Unknown

"When I find who wrote that I'll do all the paperwork, I'm gonna kill you all kinds of dead." -Dr. Iceberg

"Paperwork notes still in effect." -Anonymous

"Let me dispel a rumor going around. While I may go many places with my labcoat on, I certainly do not shower with it on. That would just be weird. I only sleep with it on." - Dr. Iceberg

Note: Any requests for promotion by Researcher Iceberg are pre-denied. He's too useful where he is. -O5-10


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