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Shido Itsuka [Date A Live]

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Adopted into Itsukao s family household at very young age and been living a fairly average normal life until recently. At the start of the novel (Volume 1) and his new high school year as a 2nd year, he accidently stumbles into a world unknown to him or to public for that matter of facts. Discovering the real reason behind the spacequakes and the fight between theAST and the spirits; forcefully or voluntarily, one or the other, into the organization known as Ratatoskr commanded by hislittle sister which was also a surprise to him. With the only explanation from her was that only he can save the spirits, with only that he reluctantly joins due to his nature to help and/or save people in needs. Going about with his normal life and saving spirits is one thing, but with each new encounter with new spirits to save there always some type of new hardship on Shido's mental health since he have to deal with the opposite gender which he is not used to.





An average teenage boy that originally had no interests in the opposite gender until he got forced to be by his little sister. Basically, he has to deal with the opposite gender which he is not use to.

Another interesting personality Shido has as described by Kotori: "onii-chan had become strangely sensitive to the despair inside people.o Mm. Something like everyone rejecting oneselfo thinking that one will never be loved by anyone else. Well, basically what he had been like back then. If there was someone with such a melancholic expression, even if it was a complete stranger, he would probably go help them without a second thought."

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yeah :D
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Like It! I dont know why anyone is giving diamonds D:
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People have a different taste that's all xD
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