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Silver Midnight (Persona Redesign)

Silver Midnight (Persona Redesign) Minecraft Skin
avatar Erebus_Rose
Level 13 : Journeyman Birb
Hello to you all! Happy Summer or at least I hope you all have a happy summer. Onto the Topic Of My Oc Resign!
Ahh yes the joy and pain of redesigning an original character. Lemme Tell you something.. Redesigning an Oc can be a very, very painful process and also a sense of accomplishment afterward.

If you are like me and have a character that has two hair colors (ex: White and Black) you've probably just put the second color on top of the first color; like I did. The legend is true! Fades DO exist! Your probably thinking "A fade to white and black isn't hard." That's if you have have just pure white and pitch black. Me on the other hand has a bluish tint to white and black. That. was. a. pain. I spent a hour trying to get it right and I did! I was thinking "What if i did a purple or red fade to black?" After looking at the time I spent creating the previous fade, I told myself I've wasted enough time on that one fade, so I shouldn't do another.

Clothing- Yeah remember this, people? I was looking on pinterest and got distracted five times...by memes. I was scrolling through a board that I keep outfit designs in. And I find this beauty.. It had a ruffled shirt that absolutely said no to. Its not that I hated it, It was white like Silver's hair, and it was about midnight when I made this so ya better believe I said no. I'm super proud how it turned out! I did this all on Skinseed (Follow me if you haven't already Im SilverLeWoof ) which if you use it, is kinda a pain to make skins on. I'll just Leave now because I've probably bored you with this text and these are all things I did. You do not have to do that same things I did. You do you, Okay?

06/18/2018 8:59 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Necromancer
That. Is. 11/10 bravo
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