Sith Empress Xaya [Star/Tron] Minecraft Skin
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Sith Empress Xaya [Star/Tron]

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Myyoyo avatar Myyoyo
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Sith Empress Xaya [Star/Tron] Minecraft Skin
Avatar made by sqort

Inspired by Star Wars and Tron.

Xaya was a female Human who served as a Jedi Padawan. Aggressive and headstrong, she was apprenticed to the Human Jedi Master Silmis Vey prior to the new resurgent Sith Empire. As a Jedi Padawan, Xaya was trained in both the usage of a lightsaber and of the Force. As she gradually began to slip to the dark side of the Force, Xaya used her hatred and anger to fuel her aggression on the battlefield.

Years later she became the first Empress of the new Sith Empire. She was an extremely powerful in the dark side of the force. She was a great ruler that inspired fear in her enemies with not just her own power but with her fanatically loyal warriors especially though her most trusted Dark Acolyte Raxus.

Male variant:
Sith Empress Xaya [Star/Tron] Minecraft Skin
CreditMyyoyo aka FistoF

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05/25/2018 1:52 am
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all hail empress xaya what is thy bidding my master.
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