Soviet M88 Uniform - VDV Minecraft Skin
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Soviet M88 Uniform - VDV

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The M88 Afghanka was the final uniform fielded by the Soviet Army, seeing service in Afghanistan from 1982 onward, and in Europe from 1988 onward. It was also extensively used in the post-Soviet Russian military during the First Chechen War of 1994-96 and many other conflicts.

This skin depicts a VDV Officer, wearing the winter variant of the M88, with a non-combat load.

For a combat load, an SSh-68 helmet, 6B2 or 6B3 bodyarmor, a chest rig, and an RD-54 rucksack would be worn, however, this is not exactly too feasible with the simplicity of minecraft skins, so I chose to go for a non-combat load.
the real deal, except these guys have Soviet combat suspenders, and these are actually Russians... Pic was taken in 1992
CreditBased off a skin from PMC, I believe it was something along the lines of "Soviet Bryce". I found the initial colors on this skin quite accurate.

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