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Spellbound Garden Contest - Entry

Spellbound Garden Contest - Entry Minecraft Skin

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avatar AdamHeller
Level 45 : Master Procrastinator

UPD: pop reel? ok. okay.
I also wanted to name this thing
I won't be original and just name it a cursed guardian

He attacc
He protecc
But most importantly...
He wants his thulecite back

Communism in my veins prevents me from making skins not related to my project
Also, my imagination got so bad that I started stealing item names from other games

Well, this creature was created by magic to guard temples filled with mysterious material
called thulecite

They live in forests and jungles, and often rob gardens and merchants
They take all the flowers, mushrooms and herbs
Sometimes they take things they don't know

They are not aggressive if not provoked, but will start attacking if they see you as dangerous

They rarely carry thulecite, but more often they carry flowers or herbs with them

Mostly their weapons are axes and daggers

On their heads are the skulls of an unknown animal, but the skull is only part of the head of such a creature

Rumor has it that these creatures are the souls of the infidels, cursed by the ancient monks,
who are forced to guard the remnants of an ancient civilization in suffering

The mind of these creatures is more like animals than people

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