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BonBon! I promised I would post him right after funtime Freddy! 🤝

Let's take a look at BonBon's design choices, shall we?

It took me awhile to find a direction to take when it came to BonBon, but It clicked almost instantly when I did!

I wanted to create something that served as a callback to the original stylized Bonnie, and made him a nice pair of cool shades! The only things that change, are the fact he has no legs, red rosy cheeks, a black ribbon instead of a red bow, a longer and flashy jacket, and a big red star on his shirt/stomach!

I wanted to create a dynamic between Freddy and BonBon based on design and personality! The dynamic being where BonBon is a calm collective and at some times rebellious attitude, while funtime Freddy is the kind hearted and caring type, always sticking to tradition and trying to keep Bon out of trouble! This would explain the complete change in outfit style, to give them more character depth as if they were designed this way on purpose to entertain children and at times older audiences! 😏🤏🕶

The personality he correlates with gives him a punk rock kind of vibe, which is exactly what I was going for! I didn't really want to make 2 clown related designs, I wanted to try something different worked at the same time! Have completely separate designs that go against each other's aesthetic is what ties them together, not only as a design, but as best buddies! Opposites attract you know? But thats just my approach!

I find it fun that I can just look at these dangerous and scary creatures and just make them into the most stylish thing I can think of! It fascinates me with what I can throw together because it just looks right to me! ☺😊

I will post the rest of the sister location crew as time goes on, but this is just what i have for you all now for the time being! I'm working on Ballora as we speak! Hehe! 😁

Once again happy Halloween! I hope you all have a wonderful time going door to door and saying
"Trick or treat!"



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11/25/2022 6:14 pm
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