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The Hangman

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Mullraugh's Avatar Mullraugh
Level 59 : Grandmaster Skinner

Legend tells of a zealous troop of bandits that lurk in the rotting swamplands of Murkwater Marsh. Many unfortunate souls have found themselves with a burlap sack o'er their heads before their untimely demise at the end of a rope; dancing the hangman's jig. 'Tis the work of Creedy the Hangman and his gang! A man who is said to have been hung, but survived because the noose snapped. Folks thought it was the work of GOD and divine intervention that saved him from execution, but Creedy took it to heart. He became obsessed with the notion of 'trial by lynching,' snatching anyone he deemed to be blasphemous or practice witchcraft. Several people have lost their lives to his zealous blindness, including his lovely wife.

Not many people dare wander the soggy roads of Murkwater Marsh, and even less return from such a venture. Many folks believe the place to be cursed, and swear on their lives that they've seen monsters and creatures lurking the rancid waters with their own eyes. 'Tis their folly, however - for no monster lurks nor creature prowls, it is merely the work of The Hangman that leaves locals frozen with superstitious terror.


Atop his head, Creedy wears a beaten up old Kettle Helmet that's seen better days in previous wars. The wide brim of the helmet covers his eyes and the top of his head, which is matted with thin, graying hair and a pair of mutton chops. His nose is bent and crooked and his eyes are pale in colour, circled with dark bags from long sleepless nights. The man's teeth are stained a yellowy brown colour from his constant use of chewing tobacco, which he often spits to the ground. A dark cloak covers his right shoulder and bears a Lorraine Cross, stitched in a golden colour. Creedy's armour is bent, rusted, and ill-maintained. Of all the distinguishing features this gruesome character has, the twisted length of rope fashioned around his neck in a noose has to be the most definable. It's tight around his neck and hangs loosely over his chest and down to his stomach, where the end is frayed as if it were snapped off. A memento of his divine intervention and motivation for his zealous deeds.

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10/23/2017 7:32 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Wolf
WolfieTundra's Avatar
You just nailed this skin with those amazing overlay details!
10/22/2017 11:33 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Wizard
frankdh's Avatar
so much character in 1 skin my dude this is metal
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