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The Seeker | 569

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Alright hello!

Welcome to the 500th 569th sub celebration O_O. It so happens that we're coming up on the 7th year mark in this very week, so I figured I'd line up a bunch of things concurrently.

In light of the 569 sub milestone, I wanted to recreate a handful of skins from my initial 2012-13 run on PMC which I refer to as the 'classic' period. I wanted to give them more of a commonality and also stretch my creative muscle, so I limited myself only to contest OCs which allowed me to both showcase proficiency and take liberties with design. First in the collection being a remake of my very first contest entry - the Collector.

Look at it - astoundingly primitive. Tragically never made it as a finalist of the Apocalypse contest : (

The overhaul overall - fresh new design (totes not P. Quill) + blobbed shading + mono-ramp

The Seeker | 569 Minecraft Skin
Link: The Collector (2012)

The one-ramp palette in question -

The Seeker | 569 Minecraft Skin

Stick around and we'll get 669 or even 969 eventually : )


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