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This is Fine

This is Fine Minecraft Skin

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Level 53 : Grandmaster Kitten
It's a fine Sunday morning and you just woke up. You sit in bed awhile, thinking of what this lovely day will bring.
Will you plant those petunias you've kept in your garage? Or will you finally get around to watching that show you told everyone you were going to watch but never did and probably still never will? There's plenty of time later, you decide while you roll out of bed and groggily make your way to the kitchen for your number one priority: coffee. You start the machine and place your mug underneath. While you wait for the coffee maker to start, you head out the front door to your driveway to grab the paper. The birds in the trees are chirping a happy tune and you think to yourself, "what a beautiful day".
Once you got back inside, you take your mug and paper into the dining room in a haste to see the latest news. Your eyes widen in surprise as you sit down in your usual chair when you see the front page with the dramatic headline stating how Annoying Orange finally got himself arrested. You shake your head, mutter "it's about time" under your breath, and go to take a sip. But before your lips meet the beverage, there's a burning smell. You're curious, but don't think much of it.
Several minutes go by and it gets stronger, but you're too immersed in your relaxation. Eventually, something catches your eye to your right. You finally turn around, taking in your gorgeous home up in flames. You left the coffee maker on and it leaked on to it's own power cord, you realized later. Smoke coats your ceiling and great orange flames engulf your furniture as you gaze on with terrified eyes. "This is fine." you state simply.

Format1.8+ Only 64x

05/21/2020 10:24 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster uwu
this is (a) fine (skin)
04/09/2020 12:25 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Skinner
Ima tells ya, this skin ain't just fine...

It's MIGHTY fine.
04/08/2020 1:52 pm
Level 27 : Expert uwu
i love this skin more than life itself
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