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Thunderfist Dream

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Level 36 : Artisan Mlem Mlem Bat
Continued from the DSMP lore
Dream was griefing and was ferocious. His friends, his family, his entire server had betrayed him. He was trapped in his own inescapable prison made by his worker Sam. He was like a raging spark of death and doom which would soon turn into a fire. He needed a way to get out of his prison to perform his master plan of destroying the SMP. Without a leader, everyone was doing their work peacefully with no violence or wars and dream hated it. In the prison only, he appointed a powerful hermit to train him. The hermit had mastered all the existing martial arts in the world, boxing and the ability to teleport. Dream wanted to learn boxing. The hermit taught dream of the art of boxing in the night when every SMP member was sleeping. Soon dream learnt it and paid the hermit by giving him 5,000 emeralds. Now, he was ready, ready to take control of the SMP again. The only step left, was to put that bloody mask with the scar on. Dream now hosted the elytra event as a distraction and punched the prison walls for continuously 5 days. Sure, his hands were bleeding, but the wounds would heal themselves. He successfully broke out of the prison and the first thing he did, was to visit the pyramid of Giza. He broke into the pyramid by unlocking its hidden door and punched into a hidden room. In the room, he found a pair of gloves consisting of a big blue glove and a small yellow one. These gloves were electrified. The blue glove consisted of the energy of a star 10X times bigger than our sun and the yellow one consisted of the power of a star that was the same size as our sun. He might not look that powerful but trust me, his 1 punch from the blue glove can send you to Jesus. Soon, the hermit realised how powerful dream was. Dream was again ruling the SMP with 10X times more power than before. One day the hermit came to him and invited him to a strange arena competition known as PMC Fighter. Its 2nd season is going on right now. Dream now had a new goal, a goal even bigger than controlling the SMP. The goal was to receive the legendary dark cosmos boxing glove which is the most powerful thing in the entire universe. Now he is competing in PMC fighter 2, to win the prize

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