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Twilight Robot

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I always wanted to use a robot skin for Minecraft but after searching for one I wasn't satisfied with the results. This lead me to make this skin which took around 3 hours to design and sketch out. I am overall pretty happy with the results and I thought that I would share it with the community :D
I plan to revisit this at a later date and get help from a more experienced artist to add shading, that being said, I like the minimalistic nature of the skin and hope you do as well, enjoy! :)

Powered by rare crystals on it's back, the Twilight Robot is a technological achievement. It's eyes and shirt display the time when it was created. The robot was created by a scientist who had lost his teenage son due to a tragic accident. The estimated value of thee robot is in the millions as it not only has immense computational power but also has an AI that passed the Turing test with ease. This caught the eye of the government who sought the robot for its potential militaria use, because of this the robot has been in hiding ever since...

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