Ultraman Belial Reionyx Minecraft Skin
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Ultraman Belial Reionyx

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
"Rei.....I Am Your Brother!"........We Got Star War In This House!!

Belial was a very powerful Ultra Warrior, until greed overcame him and he tried to steal the Plasma Spark. After his failure, he was banished, and was then cursed by Reiblood, causing him to be transformed into an Ultra Reionyx. His first assault against the Land of Light ended in failure and he was sealed away by Ultraman King. He attacked a second time after being freed years later, but was eventually stopped by Ultraman Zerok. He was revived as Kaiser Belial and led an empire of conquest against the universe, to which he was sealed by Zero. Unfortunately, he was freed and fought against Zero one last time, only to be defeated by his Zero's Shining Form. He presumably survived but has yet to attempt anything more.
Belial was surprised to see the Ultra Brothers, but he was more surprised when he saw Rei. After Rei explained who he was, Belial told him that they were brothers, and they both should unite and rule the universe as they wish, but Rei denied his request....(i'm sorry, i wasn't paying attention or something?! What?!)

The Skin- the prob.....his desing is just too crazy. But at least he is famous! i could find every side of his body. But wanna know something? His Old Form IS Non Of These!

(When i was doing this work....i was thinking...) Fan Fic!!

*:- Monster Graveyard
Belial: Rei...*breathing heavily*....

Rei:.....*breathing heavily*......

Belial: I Am Your Brother!!

Rei: Noooooooooooooo!!

*:Seven throw his Eye Slugger to Belial
Seven: Hey man! i was going to do that! i was gonna like... throw my eye slugger when i fake my death to King then he read it to my son and be like "Zero, Seven is your Father!"

Belial: What?! what is this nonsense?!

Seven: you know, from Star War..

Belial: Lol! Nerd!

Ultraman: Hey man, respect the fan

Gomora: *Roar* ((Yeah!!))

Ultraman Belial Reionyx Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Belial Reionyx Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Belial Reionyx Minecraft Skin
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