Ultraman Ribut [Upin & Ipin : Ultraman Ribut] Minecraft Skin
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Ultraman Ribut [Upin & Ipin : Ultraman Ribut]

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The Rip Off Ultra....And no one complain about Ultraman Nice?

Ribut or Storm in translation is an Ultra Crusader that appear in the show Upin & Ipin. Some said that he is an Upgrade of Man (Ori) and some just cull him a Rip Off and i'm here like "but he is strong" i mean no joke, in the show he face The Mahluk Asing Kilat or Alien Kilat in translate and it was Awesome! i never seen an Ultraman Animation with good action! His human host is Terawasa and is using a Twin Bracelet named G-Flash. His finishing move is culled the Galaxium Ray/Blaster. in the show he only face 2 monster. That is Kilat & Halilintar (For now.both actually translate to Lighting & Thunder). When he face the Thunder Monster he just trap it inside a digital looking orb and just throw him away....Halilintar is a Crazy Huge Monster bruh! i've never seen any other Ultra do that and every one just gonna start culling him a Rip Off! what i read there was an Ultraman Ribut 2 but i don't think that's official

The Skin.... The horn and those Shield is a prob...yes it is

PS. wanna watch it? it's on Youtube but in Malay language....so yeah

PSS. Help to Spread that Ribut isn't a Rip Off!! he is an Official Ultra

(While making this Skin... i was thinking...) Fan Fic!!

Seven: Hey Ori! is that you?!

Ribut: oh no, my name is Ribut

Seven: Ori~ why are you changing your name? ((more like adding))

Ribut: no no, you mistaken me for...

Seven: nice glowing Shield... have you been watching Ultraman Ginga S?

Ribut: well i do enjoy Ginga..

Seven: dude calm down! you need to lay down the Ginga S

Ribut: what?!

Seven: you trying to be Ginga with that Shield! are you really into him?!

Ribut: Dude!
Ultraman Ribut [Upin & Ipin : Ultraman Ribut] Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Ribut [Upin & Ipin : Ultraman Ribut] Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Ribut [Upin & Ipin : Ultraman Ribut] Minecraft Skin


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