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Warped Stranger

Warped Stranger Minecraft Skin

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avatar Dovahfruit
Level 27 : Expert Birb

This is your second time within the Nether, the first time didn't go so well with those two ghasts but you still wanted to explore so you gave it another shot. As you step into the portal everything starts spinning, you feel like you are about to collapse, but manage to stay upright and- you're here. You take a step out onto the netherrack and look around, it's just as boring as last time. You heard rumors of lush forests within the nether but never believed them. You start walking around, almost falling into the lava below more times than you would be proud of, in search for these forests but with no luck. You start to feel like this wasn't as great of an idea as you thought and that you were just risking your life for nothing. You start to get tired and think about heading back when you notice a single blue tree in the distance, you are rather surprised as you've only seen the same shades of red and orange throughout your whole journey but decide to check it out. You have finally gotten close to where you think you saw the tree but see nothing. "Maybe I'm hallucinating" you think to yourself; you are getting rather hungry and tired. You walk a bit further into a dead end, you are convinced you have wasted all this time for nothing, nothing useful, no trophies, nothing worthy you could bring back to show for your travels, you look up and see something, is it grass? You decide to have a look and start making your way towards it and... You're here, you've made it all this way, it only took about 6 near deaths experiences to finally get here, you look around you and it’s the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, maybe it's because you have spent almost a day in here you forgot about how home was, but you don't care. You decide to take a nap but start to get hot, hotter and hotter every second, you feel almost like you're burning, so you decide to rest your legs instead. You are quite hungry and think that if this place is real, this- warped forest, perhaps the others are too, perhaps the great beasts are, too. 30 minutes pass and you set out looking for food, you heard of this crimson forest where beasts as well as creatures that resemble you, but with hog like features reside. Not too long after you decide to look for food you see what you think may be this place of crimson, you walk over to it and what do you know, there are the beasts you heard of, they’re not as menacing as the stories made them to be but, they will do. you take out your sword and go over to one expecting it won’t be as easy as killing a pig, but you expect a little challenge. You were wrong, very very wrong, it attacks and you realise your mistake and retreat, you’re not sure if you will be able to get past them, let alone get food, and then you hear silence, almost like they were never there. You look over and see a strange figure, with armour you've never seen before, very odd equipment, an even weirder mask. they seem to have one of those pig like creatures horns on their shoulder and a pouch that seems too small to carry most things. You notice a blue light emanating from the mask, almost like fire, you notice that weird vines, the ones growing from these giant trees are as if they were latched on to their head, "Who are they?" you wonder, "What are they" you wonder more. Suddenly, they reach for their mask, they take it off and...


I tried to incorporate as many things as i could into this skin, and overall i think it turned out really well. Even though it was only a snapshot it gave me more that i could ask to work with and im very happy with it!

Below is a list of everything i included:
Crimson Stem (Mask)
Gold (Bracelet + Necklace)
Hoglin (Tusk on armour + Leather)
Netherite (Boots, Shoulder, and Dagger)
Shroomlight (Necklace pendant )
Soul Fire (Eyes)
Warped Stem (Left leg)
Weeping Vines (Holding the mask)

I also wanted to add a little pouch that could hold fungi and warts.

All in all i had a really great time making this design and hope everyone likes it!

P.S. I'm not great at drawing but i gave it my best!


02/22/2020 1:42 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Explorer
Nice skin! I really like it.
02/23/2020 11:13 pm
Level 27 : Expert Birb
Thanks! I started making it once i found out the contest was almost over so its not the best it could be but i'm glad you like it!
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