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Kirigiri's Avatar Kirigiri
Level 78 : Legendary Princess
At twenty-four years old Myrina never thought she'd be leading an army, but here she stands, overseeing those very circumstances with a cold gaze.

Sixteen years ago her parents were both murdered in a coup that left her the heir to the throne, becoming Queen at the age of eight. The crown is a heavy burden, especially when you are a fresh-faced child sitting upon a throne meant for a grown royal, being forced into a calculative approach to everything at such a young age ended up ruining some emotional growth, leaving her violently cold to strangers as she inevitably had to find out the hard way that no one was on her side, with endless amounts of people wanting to exploit the young Queen who knew no better, it was a battlefield all in itself finding who she could and couldn't trust.

Now she stands with few truly by her side, only finding solace in her childhood friend Gideon and an unknown ghostly being.

To everyone else, however, those that stand against and for her, she is the "Winters Queen" who will fight all that threatens her home, even if it causes her to melt.

I was really inspired by the concept of a corset combined with armor which gave me the idea for myrina, my wonderful friend helped me with writing her bio because i am appauling with punctuation XD

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