Yakuza - Meiji Era Minecraft Skin
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Yakuza - Meiji Era

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The Yakuza are Japanese organized crime organizations. They were active during the time of feudal Japan, and are still here to this very day.

Historically, the Meiji Era in Japan took place after Emperor Meiji took control as the head political figure. The Emperor's of Japan originally lost their political power in the Heian Era to the Shoguns, who 'ruled Japan in the Emperor's name' for centuries. Under Emperor Meiji, the country changed as a whole; the Samurai class was abolished, western culture was exposed to the Japanese, and the country modernized at an amazing fast rate.

The Japanese people would wear western clothing outside, and traditional clothing indoors. It was also common to see Japanese people wearing traditional kimonos along with western bits of clothing in the Meiji Era:

Yakuza - Meiji Era Minecraft Skin
(I believe this is what the Japanese school girls wore back then.)


Do not be fooled by this person's eyes, for those very warm caring eyes have deceived those who thought otherwise. Many have fallen prey to this person's fragile appearance.

Skin Includes:
- Warm Brown eyes (To convince the folk you are a goody little two shoe.)
- Brooding themed Kimono
- Red Scarf
- Black Obi (Sash)
- Dark Gray Haori (Jacket)
- Geta (Sandals)
- Western Hat

Kimono Inspiration:
Yakuza - Meiji Era Minecraft Skin

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