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yellow Shadow Android

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Level 28 : Expert Explorer
robots created byDoctor Eggman that resemble Shadow the Hedgehog. They first appear in Sonic Heroes seen in tubes and again in Shadow the Hedgehog as enemies. They rival Shadow's abilities almost completely and they never attack alone. They shoot with missiles from their hands as to hone all of Sonic and Shadow's physical combat skills, but are incomplete, and are very buggy in close combat, but can still make up for it in high speed battles. Eggman apparently discontinued the production of these robots, and the reason for this is unknown. Presumably,E-123 Omega could have destroyed so many of them that he had none left after the events of Shadow the Hedgehog, or he couldn't make anymore because he himself had ordered Team Chaotix to destroy as many of the tubes they were stored in as they could find. Shadow Androids could be analogous to Shadow as Metal Sonic is analogous to Sonic except Shadow Androids look exactly like Shadow. They appear to have no ability of speech. However, the Multiplayer Androids of Shadow the Hedgehog were able to speak. The ones that can speak all similarly mimic the real Shadow by calling other Shadow Androids "fakers."

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