Zodiac Series - Capricorn Minecraft Skin
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Zodiac Series - Capricorn

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Courtt's Avatar Courtt
Level 26 : Expert Princess
December 22nd - January 19th/20th
Symbol: Sea-Goat
Ruling Planet: Saturn 
Element: Earth
Stone: Garnet 
Best Trait: Intelligence 

Capricorns are know to be the highest of achievers and are one of the most ambitious signs. Usually never fully satisfied until they reach the top, in which also keeps them moving forward. They must balance all things to a neccessary in order to gain status and authority. Underneath their skin reveals a loyal yet sensitive heart, making them one of the strongest and most sympathetic friend you could have. 

First things first, "Oh yay, another zodiac skin. How original!". Sorry~ There came a point where I was very intrigued by zodiacs. Being able to learn about each one, and being able to relate and apply that to the people you know is facisnating. A huge chunk of the time, the description of each sign couldn't be more true. So I wanted to try and step out of my skin and make something a bit more complicated. I love anything that comes to challenges, and what is better than to portray a sign into something I love...skinning! 

Skin Description/Details
(top to bottom)
Hair: Whitish/Blonde to ombre green - 
The color choice of the hair was to match the fur of a white goat which then shifts into a nice subtle green, an "Earthy" shade. 
Crown/Tiara: Originally there was a crown of flowers to give a more earthy feel but I already had some earthy element to the skin. I came across the signs ruling planet, the crown represents the "ring" of Saturn as so for the ring on the leg. The crown also represents someone of high authority, intelligence, and wealth. 
Horns: I chose a brown because Garnet, tends to come in all sorts of colors. More often than others, red is the most popular (as what it seems), so I went with a darker tone of orange/red, which also gives the skin a nice emphasis. 
Blue Draping: I had the idea of replecating the signs symbol: the sea-goat, a creature of half goat and half fish. The blue/purple tones are to represent the waves of the sea, which also represent the place fish inhabit. 
Shoe: style used to indicate person of high authority and bold impression

Feedback is greatly appreciated and there will be more signs to come!


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06/21/2015 12:20 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Tobor_'s Avatar
Do saggitarius next :3
 Or are you doing them in order?
03/15/2016 2:14 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Eqlair's Avatar
Yaaasss Sagittarius!!! :DDD Im a sage :DD
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