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Artful Statues [OptiFine]

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Artful Statues [OptiFine] Minecraft Texture Pack

This resourcepack will add decorations in the form of various statues.
All statues are designed to be placed in a item frame (on the floor). Transparent frames = Missing Item Frame.

To get a stone statues, you need to take Stone and rename with anvil.

Arch-Illager & Ender Dragon StatueDeath of the Ender Dragon StatueLlama StatueHorse StatueVillager StatueRedstone Golem StatuePanda StatueFire Breathing StatueFire Breathing StatueDolphin Statue
Totem StatueOctopus Statue

To get a blackstone statues, you need to take Blackstone and rename with anvil.
Wither Storm StatuePiglin StatueStrider StatueInferno StatueHerobrine StatueAxolotl StatueEnderman StatuePhantom Statue

To get a carved dark oak statues, you need to take Dark Oak Wood and rename with anvil.
Carved Allay & Vex StatueCarved Creeper StatueCarved Mushroom StatueCarved Fox StatueCarved Frog StatueCarved Goat StatueCarved Necromancer StatueCarved Dungeon Key StatueCarved Elder Guardian Statue

Artful Statues [OptiFine] Minecraft Texture Pack

Artful Statues [OptiFine] Minecraft Texture Pack

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.3

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by KeepMeow 01/08/2023 12:08:30 pmJan 8th

+ Octopus Statue

+ Herobrine Statue
+ Axolotl Statue
+ Enderman Statue
+ Phantom Statue

Dark Oak Wood:
+ Carved Allay & Vex Statue
+ Carved Creeper Statue
+ Carved Mushroom Statue
+ Carved Fox Statue
+ Carved Frog Statue
+ Carved Goat Statue
+ Carved Necromancer Statue
+ Carved Dungeon Key Statue
+ Carved Elder Guardian Statue

Changed: Piglin Statue, Arch-Illager & Ender Dragon Statue.

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