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Blocksmith Hybrid. Over 100 animations!

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Blocksmithed avatar Blocksmithed
Level 54 : Grandmaster Blockhead
(Note: Download is at my minecraftforum.net post for the sake of simplicity. A full version history is also available there.)

When 13w02a came out with the new texture pack system I was so excited. I could finally make minecraft look how I wanted it to. The goal of this pack is to animate everything within reason (over 100 animations so far!), and add detail where the defaults didn't have enough pixels like the tools on the crafting bench and lines in glass (the textures with added detail are 32x). I know some other packs call themselves "hybrids" but I haven't seen this concept of mixing and matching resolutions done before (now there are a few though). By changing the resolutions on accordance with the need of the animation, I was able to make the animations smoother while keeping the overall size of the pack down. This has been in the works for over three months now. Here is a complete change log.
Tools on the workbench look like tools
Gold ore sparkles
Diamond ore sparkles
Redstone ore pulsates with power
Emerald ore sparkles
Diamond item sparkles
Emerald item sparkles
TNT fuse is more detailed and sparks on the end
Streaks in glass have finer lines
Lit furnace has fire animation
Bottles in the brewing stand fill up
Sign item's text gets written
Water bucket drips
Lava bucket drips and also the lava in it flows
Milk bucket drips
Cobblestone looks nicer
Wheat sways in the wind
Redstone lamp pulses
Tall grass sways
Minecart wheels are better
Lapis ore has shading
Note block really rocks out that beat
Jukebox has a spinning record on top
Jack-o-lantern flickers
Water is slightly clearer
Beacon has a pulsing effect
Tipped book shelf books look better
Powered rail moves
Diamond block has a shiny effect
Gold block has a shiny effect
Emerald block has a shiny effect
Torch has fire on it
Redstone torch pulsates
Lines in ice are more detailed
Slime ball drips
Eye of ender blinks
Lit repeater has current running through it
Redstone block pulsates
Raw fish flaps it's tail
Cooked fish has X's for eyes and twitches
Rotten flesh has flies that fly around on it
Soul sand faces open and close their mouths
Oak, birch, jungle, and spruce leaves sway
Egg starts to hatch
Glowstone pulses
Redstone item pulses
Glowstone item pulses
Lights on the command block change colors
Lit comparator has pulse that runs through it
Iron ingot has shiny effect
Gold ingot has shiny effect
End portal block (with eye in it) blinks
Slightly more transparent overlay when wearing a pumpkin
Enchanting table diamond corners have a shiny effect
Nether star spins
Lit activator rail pulses
Arrow in drawn bow has feathers
Shears open and close
Blaze powder burns
Blaze rod is... animated
Mushroom stew drips
Fireworks rocket fuses sparks
Diamond sword shines
Diamond pickaxe shines
Diamond axe shines
Diamond shovel shines
Diamond hoe shines
Gold nugget shines
Iron sword shines
Gold sword shines
Golden carrot shines
Glistering melon "glisters?"
Fern sways back and forth
Netherwart bounces/sways
Lily pad ripples
Potato crops sway
Carrot crops sway
Baked potato emits smoke/steam

The following features are for MCPatcher/Optifine users:
Glass connects
Random chickens
Random cows
Random pigs
Enderchest has a swirling portal in it and it's eye blinks
You can make the TARDIS from Dr. Who out of /give 5 1 5 (Wood planks with a damage value of 5. I made this to practice ctm so I didn't spend very much time on it.)
Sheep blink
Cows blink
Cats blink
Villagers blink
Ozelots blink
Wolves blink
Pigs blink
Squids roll eyes
Witches blink
Players using a unedited Steve skin blink
Blaze's spinning rods have a low tech blazy animation
Creeper painting just got creepier
Iron golems blink
Creeper eyes pulse red
Enderman eyes pulse a darker purple
Netherack drips
Some cobwebs have small spiders in them
Sun spins
Fire particles are animated
Villager's cloud w/ lightning particle is animated
Some random zombie skins
The minecraft logo on the minecraft main screen is animated
Grass has some random CTM
Cobble has some random CTM
Stone has some random CTM
Added Herobrine
Quartz blocks connect
Endermen have a slender-ish b&w fade out animation
Vines swing
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Please note I gif-ified only some of the textures because they are a pain to make. This isn't nearly all of them. Also they will look much better in game because the timings are hard to get right on a gif.
The villager (one of the animated mobs)
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1. After you download it, put the zip file into your texture packs folder. If you don't know where that is google it and you will be swamped in tutorials. Also make sure you are running 1.5 or later or it won't work.
2. (Highly recomended) Install Optifine or (not both) MCPatcher and follow the installation instructions on one of those threads. This will enable connected textures (CTM), random mobs, and extra animations like blinking mobs and the enderchest.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully trying it out! Enjoy.
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6

6 Update Logs

Update #6 : by Blocksmithed 08/01/2013 4:42:15 pmAug 1st, 2013

Updated to v1.6! There are versions for minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.5.2 (although the latter isn't totaly complete).

Baked potato emits smoke/steam

For MCPatcher/Optifine users:
Some cobwebs have small spiders crawling in them
Sun spins
Fire particles are animated
Villager's cloud-with-lightning particle is animated
Some random zombie skins
The minecraft logo on the minecraft main screen is animated
Grass has some random CTM
Cobble has some random CTM
Stone has some random CTM
Added Herobrine
Quartz blocks connect
Endermen have a slender-ish b&w fade out animation
Added a black chicken texture (courtesy of sparkywolf13)

Re-did redstone ore animation (the previous one was just a placeholder until I could make this)
Jukebox only plays a record when there is a music disk in it
Made glistering melon animation less subtle
Made lava bucket animation smoother
Re-did the raw fish animation
Made the redstone lamp animation less subtle
Made the activator rail animation less subtle
Made powered rail look like it is pulling both ways instead of just one way
Changed brewing stand animation timing and added another frame
Made netherack drip slower
Made redstone torch animation less subtle
Fixed issue some people might have had with white borders around wheat, carrots, potatoes, tall grass, fern, netherwart, and leaves.

Other stuff:
New video! (And new intro animation :D)
A real Portuguese translation on the minecraftforum post thanks to MpSlx!
Updated some gifs and screenshots.

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01/12/2019 3:59 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Darude321 avatar
nice texture pack! but...could you make a 1.13/1.14 version of this great texture pack?
04/29/2018 7:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
12/15/2017 9:34 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pig
Hudthn avatar
Can I use these for my texture pack?
07/18/2016 6:50 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
EnchantedApple11 avatar
plz add connected glass add on!
07/08/2016 5:33 pm
Level 22 : Expert Miner
pvini07BR avatar
plz make to version 1.10
04/30/2016 8:49 am
Level 27 : Expert Toast
GenericPotato avatar
Whoa! This pack is pretty cool! With all the animated textures and everything.. This is great for Minecraft Machinimas! Speaking of Minecraft Machinimas, this texture pack has been used by Minecraft YouTubers! So cool and unique, I wish to create packs someday, but I just suck at it, and it'll take a lot of work to do! Your hardwork, is been given a diamond!
04/15/2016 2:11 am
Level 28 : Expert Toast
TheSwagtacular avatar
Why the heck is the COOKED fish twitching? xD Other than that, it looks pretty cool.
11/28/2015 2:26 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
ThenCraft29 avatar
I dont have enoguh time to um.... install this.
11/12/2015 4:45 pm
Level 48 : Master Artist
JeTSpice avatar
I have Optifine for 1.7.10 and using your 16c download, which has a few chicken skins in it.  But, throwing a chicken egg, I'm unable to get anything other than the white chicken.  Is there something I'm missing?
11/12/2015 4:17 pm
Level 48 : Master Artist
JeTSpice avatar
High-res effects on 16x16 textures.  Genius.
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