BLUE Redstone | Redstone & Slimestone in Blue | [1.16.x] [1.15.x] [1.14.x] | for Red Green deficient players or Blue-Lovers | Few hardcoded colours require Optifine

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                    avatar Meridiana
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    ++ V1.1 for 1.15.x + 1.16 snapshots, V1.0 FOR MC 1.14.x
                    ++ Find my hard work useful? Credit & support me! ++
                    I offer freebies since many years and would like everyone to respect that and me as a creator as well. Thank you. Detailed Terms of Use / Credits in downloaded file.

                    + + + CLICK HERE FOR WHAT THE BlueRedstone PACK CONTAINS CURRENTLY! + + + (Text overview! For showcase *PICTURES* scroll down or watch the v1.0 showcase video + + +

                    BlueRedstone colours all Redstone components which have a red or green colour, in Blue and Yellow(ish or Yellow-orangeish) or clear/transparent, sometimes with a blueish hue, respectively.
                    Please note that real blue redstone wire as well as blue redstone particles are currently not possible by Vanilla means due to it being hardcoded, hence you will need OPTIFINE in order to see those in blue!!!
                    Also please note: Currently there's an Optifine bug which is why Redstone particles always look Red. Will be fixed in a future Optifine version, it's not fault of the pack or on your end!)

                    BlueRedstone is part of my WiP pack BLUE LOVE.

                    Goal of BLUE LOVE is also, to facilitate gaming in Minecraft for people who got difficulties in differentiating between the colours Red and Green, so called "colour-blindness", which is, in fact, on a spectrum and only usually results in seeing basically 2 of 3 colours / light waved (simplified: Red, Green, Blue), resulting in not being able to differentiate colours properly, and making Minecraft worlds look rather dull.

                    E.g. the Nether is in a mostly gray-scale, and also forests got a dull, olive-green, muddy "swamp-like" tint, and also Redstone builds look rather bland and boring.

                    There are nearly 10% males affected with red-green-colour problems, and I'd love to bring a bit more colour into their MC life!

                    As those affected can see pure blue as well as pure yellow the best and brightest, BLUE LOVE will use those colours as main colours, if it's about hints to differentiate blocks, block states, but also other indicators which I will reveal at a later point, in another BLUE LOVE pack.

                    However, BLUE LOVE is still majorly dedicated to people who simply love the colour Blue.
                    I started with a resource pack addon series called iSIGHT which is specifically created for people with colour vision defociencies, and doesn't solely rely on the colour Blue (and Yellow, respectively).

                    If you suffer from a mild or severe colour vision deficiency, but still would like to keep the look of Minecraft more Vanilla, please check out my WiP packs iSIGHT here on my PMC portfolio, as those may be better suited for you than BLUE LOVE.

                    There are several BLUE LOVE addons planned.

                    You'll find the link to the BLUE LOVE WiP pack also here in this post, eventually.

                    CreditJasper Boerstra of Mojang for the base texture graphics
                    Progress95% complete
                    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.1

                    1 Update Logs

                    v1.1 for Minecraft 1.15+, incl. current 1.16 snapshot 20w06a : 02/06/2020 7:11:52 amFeb 6th

                    BLUERedstone updated, after your feedback, I removed all XP-related textures (they are moved into my future pack "Blue Love").
                    Also changed slightly the blueish overlay on trapped chests.


                    07/25/2020 3:35 am
                    Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
                    You should also change the particle effect, if you could. Probably not, because I think it reuses the simple smoke particle, and colors it red.
                    07/25/2020 2:52 pmhistory
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    Hello, I mentioned it not only in this post's description here on PMC:
                    "Please note that real blue redstone wire as well as blue redstone particles are currently not possible by Vanilla means due to it being hardcoded, hence you will need OPTIFINE in order to see those in blue!!!
                    Also please note: Currently there's an Optifine bug which is why Redstone particles always look Red. Will be fixed in a future Optifine version, it's not fault of the pack or on your end!)
                    but I also said it in the video that there is currently an Optifine bug which is why the particle colour still appears Red, although I coloured it already Blue :) It's on the OF bugtracker and will hopefully fixed asap, but there are more urgent bugs to fix beforehand, I fear, so it might be a while until we can see blue particles :/

                    Unfortunately, in Vanilla the particle colour of Redstone is hardcoded (I also mention that in the video), hence I cannot change it otherwise, solely via Optifine, but, like I said, there's that bug since a while which we have to wait that it'll get fixed!
                    07/27/2020 7:25 am
                    Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
                    Oh yeah, sorry about that!
                    07/27/2020 11:00 am
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    No worries :)
                    03/13/2020 7:40 am
                    Level 1 : New Miner
                    Great Pack! My only suggestion is that you could change the name of Redstone into Bluestone, but otherwise, Nice Job!
                    03/13/2020 12:48 pmhistory
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    Hello MrBot, thank you very much, a few textures are still missing (compass), but I'll get to that sometime :)
                    Thank you for your input regarding the naming, I also considered to change the eng_US language file accordingly, but there are also many other languages of course, and, aside from that, I wanted to differentiate it from some YTer's idea with "Bluestone" - I already had the idea of blue redstone wire back in Alpha, when we basically only had the wire and the redstone torch, and it is, after all, just recoloured redstone in Blue, not an additional thing, but who knows, maybe we'll get that someday! ;)

                    Take care, have a wonderful weekend,
                    02/06/2020 3:11 pm
                    Level 38 : Artisan Spelunker
                    optifine is not even out for 1.15 so why is it listed for the 1.16 snapshot?
                    02/06/2020 4:01 pmhistory
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    It says in the title: "Few hardcoded colours require Optifine"
                    The pack itself works in Vanilla, except those texture or particle colours which are hardcoded.
                    I explain that also in the video, that, for things such as the wire and redstone particles, you have to have Optifine.

                    Aside from the few things which only work with Optifine, all the other textures work with no issue at all, be it 1.14.x or 1.15, up to the latest snapshot.

                    I also mention it in the video as well as on top of my post that there is no Optifine yet out for 1.15, but with the 1.14 version of this pack and Optifine for 1.14, also the wire is displayed in Blue.

                    I hope one day there won't be any texture-hardcoding anymore :)
                    12/27/2019 12:43 am
                    Level 19 : Journeyman Procrastinator
                    Energy Master
                    Oh wow haven’t realized how many people have red green color blindness before, that is kind of you considering them!
                    12/27/2019 9:09 am
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    Hello Energy Master, it's nearly 10% of people with (Northern) European descent, majorly males, and it'll rather become more over time, thus I find it really important to care for them :)
                    I developed the iSIGHT packs for them, where this Blue Redstone pack will - with slight modifications - being added to in one of the next updates.

                    I love Blue in general, hence I will use this pack anyway, although I don't have a red or green vision deficiency ;)

                    Thank you for your kind words, have a good weekend!
                    12/22/2019 1:42 am
                    Level 31 : Artisan Architect
                    Solid, consistent pack ! Minecraft can look so different with such a simple shift in color...

                    On another note, I was completely caught off-guard by your philosophical and psychological insights from the YouTube channel linked to your profile. I was not expecting to be led there from Blue Redstone of all things.
                    Pardon my 'lossy' language, if you are insightful regarding that front.
                    12/22/2019 6:49 amhistory
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    Hello Niknokinater, thank you, indeed, a little colour can change so very much...
                    In the video, when the thumbnails pictures for my iRED pack all of a sudden pop up, after one has seen all that Blue beforehand for a while, it's - for me, as I'm very colour sensitive - like a mild colour shock :))

                    As for my (general) philo-psychological view on life, well, it seems to be still a common misconception that gamers only have certain other interests, hobbies or profession - even social ranks - but I know there are many gamers who don't seem like it, on first glance :)

                    Personally, I'm a huge geek and nerd. If the video you're referring to is the one where I spoke, amongst other things, also about one of my Synaesthesia forms, then the duality between being both a geek as well as nerd should be clear, and I feel it's a very lucky and happy union!

                    In Minecraft, I can live out a bit my passion for art and tech, colours and inventions, and overall trying to make people happy, doing something for the benefit of the community.

                    I plan to add more philosophical series to my channel eventually, just needs a lot of preparation time, and currently my desktop computer needs to be repaired, too, before I can make proper videos again (I've recorded the unlisted video for Blue Redstone with my laptop and cheap headset).

                    Hope you enjoy this and maybe also other things I can offer you.

                    If you like to dive deeper, have a look at my #ChillSpace playlist:
                    and maybe you would also enjoy my #CyberTRON playlist:
                    and maybe also the first few videos of my #ChillAmbiance playlist:

                    I do use for some of those videos Minecraft, but not solely, and love to mix up any type of visuals with each other.

                    Also, as I already mentioned in the video I assume you referred to, words are imperfect for me, thus I try to convey messages rather via visuals and audio than spoken words.

                    Thank you very much again for your kind comment, take care, have a good day and relaxed holidays!
                    12/21/2019 6:08 amhistory
                    Level 50 : Grandmaster Pixel Painter
                    I wanted to do this too, anyways take this diamond btw the pack is awesome
                    12/21/2019 6:54 amhistory
                    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Artist
                    Hello Jaden, I wanted to do this since 2010, when there was basically only redstone dust and torch }xD To have it in Blue, I mean. Just didn't have the time yet, but it fits well to my packs for colour vision deficient people, so I had to add it anyway.

                    You can still do it, if you build your own pack with your own blue shades/colours, it's not "texture theft" or anything, so go on and make your own, if you like ;)

                    I'll change it up for my other packs where I will add this anyway as well.

                    One can't "copyright" basic, simple ideas generally, e.g. even the OCD pack could be redone by anyone imo, even if the original idea or concept was bei disco, but everyone got their own take on textures and colours, even if you remain Default or Faithful.

                    And as long as someone would redo e.g. the OCD pack and credit disco for his original idea, I don't think it would be too problematic, as long as it's not a direct copy of his original textures. That would not be okay.

                    So, TLDR, it's just imo not okay to simply 1:1 overtake textures from others, but can't blame others for recreating the same idea, as long as it's different :)

                    Take care, and thanks for the diamond!
                    Emerald to you :) <3
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