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BarrowWight avatar BarrowWight
Level 25 : Expert Crafter
Recent Updates - LAST UPDATE JAN. 12th, 2022
UPDATES JAN. 12th, 2022 - Revised End Changes, Chest Textures and Little Details
Fixed the endframe, enderchest and chorus plants to closer match vanilla default.
Optimization issues with mushrooms resolved.
Reverted to default gravel texture.
Added new texture for chests, double-chests and trapped chests.
Added emissive lighting for brewing stands.

- There was an issue with bricks not loading one of the custom blocks. That has now been fixed.
- Also Amethyst Clusters looked far too big. They have been changed back to shorter length.

UPDATES JAN. 9th, 2022 - Optimization Overall and End Changes
The biggest change was using 'Culling' to optimize rendering of custom blocks. Now with faster FPS.
Additional changes to leaf foliage, for optimum appearance and performance.
Custom Enderchest, made to look like a toothy mouth. (Experimental. May change in the future.)
Variation for End Stone, made to look like End Stone from Minecraft Storymode.
Experimental reskin of the End Crystal.
Reskin of Chorus Tree Plants. Flowers glow.
Reskin of Purpur to look more vibrant.
Changed the look of Shulkers to appear more like endermen
Additional adjustments to clean up several textures including Acacia plank colors.
Reskin Creeper to vibrant green, like in official promo Mojang art.  
Reskin Witch with green-skin to match spawn egg colors
Fixed back spine show-through of Enchantment Table Book. Now blends with binding.
Added original Jappa potato, but styled to match the style of new item pixel-art.
And much more!

UPDATES DEC. 28th, 2021 - Several Quality Changes.
Added slight weathered/industrial variation to clay bricks.
Recolored GUI for golden apple/carrot heart meter.
Finalized stone to look more like the original stone texture, per user suggestions.
Added simple fringe to tree foliage.
Overall hybrid texture modification to trees.
Jungle and Acacia now look more like the new default textures.
Now door items are truly 3D objects and no longer faked by their 2D lookalikes.

UPDATES DEC. 18th, 2021 - Modified stone to add definition and reduce block pattern repetition.

I'm constantly updating it with improvements and revision as I'm trying to find the perfect mix of elements.


Greetings people,
I'll get right to it. This pack was meant to be the best of both worlds. I'm trying to capture the old iconic Jappa feeling of the game, while making subtle improvements that match the new textures.

A lot of people were complaining that new default textures Mojang published changed the overall feel of the game. I didn't think the new texture pack was by any means 'bad' but I did agree a lot that the game feeling changed afterward. I feel like that was a minus one against what Mojang has always been trying to do. That fact of the matter is, many of their new textures are very good and it didn't make sense NOT to include those good ones.

So the point of this pack was to revise and clarify the old nostalgic look of the game, while also incorporating many of the new textures that were created for newer blocks. My theory was that, with the right mix of textures, you'd have the quintessential texture balance that Minecraft deserves. The only problem was, some textures clashed.

I know there are other packs out there that does this, and naturally every texture-packer has a different idea of what that mix would look like. What makes this pack different from the rest, is that I really tried to make these textures as professional looking as was artistically possible for a hobbyist.

The perk of this pack is that it incorporates a lot of little accents, build hacks and variation blocks and is very versatile without breaking from the original look and feel of the game. It really mixes the best of both packs.

Make sure that this pack sits directly ABOVE the built-in default pack, otherwise it will not work as it should.

Also this pack doesn't require Optifine, but it is recommended to be used with such.

If you want to use any textures in this pack in any of your own packs, including but not limited to any resource packs or data packs, or any mods, you may do so. The only stipulation is that you give appropriate credit. Likewise, you must do the same to give appropriate credit to the following creators below:

The 3D mushroom models are from MCjossic's 3D Mushrooms pack. All modelling and art on mushrooms is credited to MCjossic.

The soulfire concept is credited to TitaniumGrunt7 or @George_the_Rat on twitter.
The texture itself was made from scratch, though it closely resembles his soulfire idea.
I must admit that his version is much cleaner.
Thanks for the concept Titanium!

It should also be noted that I was heavily influenced by Nate's Tweaks resource pack. Good work Nate, your stuff is great, and thanks for the inspiration.

Also, this pack is in no way affiliated with Obinilla87's Default DX pack. The similarity in naming was a result of sheer happenstance, I'd never heard of it until after I posted this.

Finally, check out Classic Default DX Details on my blog, to read more about the intricacies of the whys and hows about this pack.

"Barrowpack" is the label under which I will be making all projects and datapacks that will match the feeling of this texture pack. Although there isn't much up on my blog at the time of me writing this, please still be sure to visit, as it is a blog and I will be adding regular updates with my progress on my projects for Minecraft.

When this pack is uploaded, the 1.18 update will have been pushed out. I made this compatible with the preview version of 1.18, so it should work with your new Minecraft. But if not, I will update as soon as I can.

Please speak your mind, but be nice in the comments. I take all suggestions seriously.

~Barrow Wight
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

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01/14/2022 5:59 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
D00R avatar
i like the doors
01/06/2022 7:37 am
Level 1 : New Miner
nicgamer34 avatar
my god this pack is beautiful thanks sooooo much for making it
01/06/2022 7:52 am
Level 25 : Expert Crafter
BarrowWight avatar
No problem, glad you like. I'll be updating soon for optimization and new 'End' additions. Just FYI.
12/28/2021 4:21 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Birb
Doge-Coin avatar
12/03/2021 10:16 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Theorist
Chimerabot avatar
12/02/2021 7:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
soup001 avatar
I really love the look of this texture pack is there a 32X in the works?
12/02/2021 11:54 amhistory
Level 25 : Expert Crafter
BarrowWight avatar
Well, there isn't currently.

The idea behind my packs was simplicity and a Vanilla appeal. As I've begun making my datapacks I've been intrenched in modelling and code. So I don't plan on it, but you never know. I can see why some would think my pixelart style would be potentially good at that.

The problem I have with 32x packs is that you have to go through ALL of the textures for it to be complete and not clash with 16x vanilla. And they're fairly time-consuming considering that, plus Mojang updates. It'd be a pain to keep up to date, while working on my other projects.
12/01/2021 7:43 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
MS Mikhailo
MS Mikhailo avatar
12/01/2021 1:48 pm
Level 25 : Expert Crafter
BarrowWight avatar
Ha ha. That was the attempt. You're too kind.
~Barrow Wight ^,..,^
11/30/2021 5:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Honknytes1 avatar
Personally, I don't mind the new ores as I know that they were only made to make the game more colourblind-friendly, but the older ones were better, but, these are SO much better!! love the ores, the iron stuff, the doors/trapdoors, etc. Nice pack! I will make sure to use it very often.
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