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thebaum64's Avatar thebaum64
Level 95 : Overlord Creator
Dramatic Skys Minecraft Texture Pack

Dramatic Skys is an add on pack that will make the skies in your game HD with realistic clouds and lighting. This pack works with any other resource pack, just simply add it over the other pack on the selection screen!

This pack is performance friendly as well, so even the simplest of computers and laptops can use it easily without issue! This pack will vary a lot from my other packs, as it has MANY skies in it. Every area will have a sky that will vary depending on the biomes of Minecraft. This resource pack, as the title entails, will be the ultimate resource pack for sky textures.

This is a large and ambitious project given there are a total of 79 biomes as of 1.20x. Each of these will have a day sky, sunset/sunrise, and a night sky; Making your Minecraft World more dynamic and realistic.

New to the pack:

- Animated Auroras
- Shooting stars
- Meteor showers
- Animated Sun
- Color and Fog Maps
- Height based sky textures
- Fabric Support
- Tornados
- More coming soon!

New Addition: Tornados!

Sponsored by Ember Host
Check out Ember if you are looking for a Minecraft server host that offers exceptional value for price. You can support the development of my packs by using the banner below, which gives a 50% cut for every first purchase to myself, alongside a 10% discount to you.

Please do not steal/modify textures unless for personal uses only! Do not create downloads for this on your own! Always link back to this site due to it being the original location. Texture Pack and details belong to thebaum64 (Christian Baum) Thank you.
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.21

120 Update Logs

Update: Dramatic Skys Beta 2.5.2a : by thebaum64 07/02/2024 4:37:04 pmJul 2nd

Hey everyone! The latest update (Beta 2.5.2a) that's Early Access for Emerald, Lapis, and Netherite is out now! With one new beautiful sky added to The End (End Highlands) and some other small tweaks.

In the preview images you can see an outlook of the sky in the Highlands biome and what it looks like. Rather than purple like the main End sky, it is a blue/orange nebula. Quite the contrast to the purple End sky, but I am going to go crazy with diversity on these!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this little preview as I work on the pack and these new End skies! Any feedback is highly appreciated and will be taken into account with these coming skies. I have a few ideas in mind but I don't want to spoil anything!

-MCMeta Update
-Updated for 1.21
-New sky for End Highlands
-Small tweaks and adjustments to other textures

If you would like to get early access to Dramatic Skys and any future packs be sure to consider becoming an Emerald tier or above! The normal beta will be out for Gold and above in a few days/weeks as well.

Latest in game preview pics can be viewed here!

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Chris Allan
06/24/2024 4:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Chris Allan's Avatar
Can you make a texture pack of the final dimension sky like spacetime, I have the images, could you do that??.
06/16/2024 12:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ChipTheFox's Avatar
how are you getting optifine for 1.21?
06/16/2024 6:21 pm
Level 95 : Overlord Creator
thebaum64's Avatar
I personally don't, you will have to wait for the release. I have just updated the pack so once it is out it will work without issues
06/15/2024 12:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4956967G's Avatar
for 1.21 when?
06/15/2024 12:48 pm
Level 95 : Overlord Creator
thebaum64's Avatar
It should work with it just fine :)
06/15/2024 8:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
gooberbabagoober's Avatar
I had to make an account just to say that I love this texture pack. Thank you!!!!!!!
06/15/2024 12:48 pm
Level 95 : Overlord Creator
thebaum64's Avatar
Thank you so much!
05/31/2024 3:29 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Enderdragon
EiiStar's Avatar
If you can convince me why I should get this pack rather than Hyper Realistic Skies, I'll get it! :D Also is Gold subscription all you need to get the full version of this pack?
05/31/2024 6:35 pm
Level 95 : Overlord Creator
thebaum64's Avatar
Gold is all you need,, Emerald if you want early access. As far as choosing which to use, it comes down to preference really. Whichever one you feel you like the skies best ya know. I am friends with Geri (the creator of that) and they do some amazing work.
05/30/2024 11:38 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Birdiebard's Avatar
Hi there,

This resource pack worked great for me until I switched over to NeoForge and replaced Optifine with Entity Texture/Model Features, and now the dramatic skies are not visible. Is there an incompatibility I should know about?
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