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{Mini update: Horror items} Dreamland Craft CIT [Mizuno 16 CIT Add-On] [1.13.2+]

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dreamerie's Avatar dreamerie
Level 43 : Master Birb
Inspired by Ghoulcraft and Mizuno's CIT packs, I decided to make my own CIT pack! Originally it started just for mine and my friends private builds, but I decided to release it to the public because, hey, maybe other people will find some use for these things too!

So, with permission from Mizuno, I bring to you V.1.1 of Dreamland Craft!

It's kind of a mess since, like I said, they were originally just for me and my friends to use, but future updates will stick to certain themes.

Edit: V.2.1.1 has been uploaded!!

Original Textures + Models: Mizuno
Custom Models + Textures: Dreamerie
Models made in: Blockbench, and Mr. Crayfish's Model Creator

If you have any questions, bug reports, or requests, feel free to message me at:

Item Catalog

I respond faster on Tumblr though, so that's the best bet to get faster responses from me!

However, if items are requested that are already in Ghoulcraft, or going to be made by Ghoulcraft, I'll more than likely not do them and will instead direct you to Ghoulcraft's download page.


Mizuno 16's Texture Pack
Optifine 1.13.2/1.14.3+
Mizuno's Invisible Item Frames

Please review the included READ ME file in the resource pack download for instructions on how to use!

Item List + Item Names

NOTE about awnings:
Each color awning is according to wool block. So if you want a black awning, you'd rename a black wool block. If you wanted a red awning, it'd be a red wool block. Etc

If you want to make the awning functionable, you'll need to spawn in minecraft:barrier and place them above the awnings.

PLANTERS NOTE: place the item frame on the front of a block, and if using the 3 block one, place the frame on the front of the middle block that you want to use the planter on.

V.1.1 - Random Assorted Assets
[Insert Color] Awning Short - (color) Wool_aw0
[Insert Color] Awning Long - (color) Wool_aw1
Cafe chalkboard - White Banner_c1
Welcome chalkboard - White Banner_c2
Blank chalkboard - White Banner_c3
Live In the Moment Chalkboard - White Banner_c4
Red Lifebuoy - White Banner_rbuoy
Blue Lifebuoy - White Banner_bbuoy
Clock 1 - White Banner_time0
Clock 2 - White Banner_time1
Laundry line - White Banner_cl0
Pink Pool Chair - Oak Slab_pinkpc
Blue Pool Chair - Oak Slab_bluepc
Pink Pool Lounge Chair - Oak Slab_pinklc
Blue Pool Lounge Chair - Oak Slab_bluelc
Cash register - Oak Slab_cash
Seal plush - White Wool_muffy
Frog plush - White Wool_peter
Napkin dispenser - Oak Slab_nd
Colorful Banner - String_st
Colorful Lights on string - Glowstone_st
Hanging spider - Cobweb_hs
Hanging ghost - Cobweb_gh
Hanging chain - Cobweb_ch0
Hanging chain, longer - Cobweb_ch1
Clothing shelf - White Carpet_sc
Laundry Pile - White Carpet_lan
Plate of rotten food - Rotten Flesh_p
Amusement park trashcan - Hopper_tr0
Amusement park recycle bin - Hopper_tr1
Backalley trashcan - Hopper_tr2
Window Shutter Oak - Oak Trapdoor_ws0
Window Shutter Dark Oak - Oak Trapdoor_ws1
Window Shutter green metal - Oak Trapdoor_ws2
Window Shutter maroon wood - Oak Trapdoor_ws3
Window Shutter blue wood - Oak Trapdoor_ws4
Empty jar - Glass Bottle_j
Cup (no lid) - Glass Bottle_ecu
Cup (w/lid) - Glass Bottle_lcu
Candy Jar - Glass Bottle_cj
Soap bottle - Glass Bottle_soap0
1x1 Nether Bricks Planter - Nether Bricks_p0a
1x1 Red Brick Planter - Nether Bricks_p0b
3x1 Nether Bricks planter - Nether Bricks_p1a
3x1 Red Brick planter - Nether Bricks_p1b
Lifevest - Leather Tunic_lv
Hanging Lights (Covered) - Torch_hl0c
Hanging Lights (covered long) - Torch_hl1c
Hanging Lights (Fancy) - Torch_hl0d
Hanging Lights (Fancy long) - Torch_hl1d
Hanging Lights (Bulb) - Torch_hl0b
Hanging Lights (Bulb long) - Torch_hl1b
Hanging Lights (Ball) - Torch_hl0a
Hanging Lights (Ball long) - Torch_hl1a
Closet rod - Iron Bars_crod
Closet rod w/ Hangers - Iron Bars_cha
Jizo statue - Stone Bricks_jizo
Hanger - Iron Bars_hanger
Leaf umbrella - Oak Leaves_lu
Popcorn container - Flower Pot_pop
Old Bus Stop - Oak Slab_bus
Porch Overhang - Oak Slab_ov
Pool Shower - Tripwire Hook_br0
Temp knobs - Tripwire Hook_br1
[Mizuno Base] Cookpot with lid - Cauldron_cpl
[Mizuno Base] Empty Cookpot - Cauldron_ecp
[Mizuno Base] Empty Frying Pan - Cauldron_fp
[Mizuno Base] Sauce pan - Cauldron_saupan
[Custom + Mizuno Base] Hanging Pan Rack - Oak Slab_pr0
[Custom + Mizuno Base] Hanging Pan Rack + pans- Oak Slab_pr1
Public bathroom toilet paper holder - Block of Iron_br0
Public bathroom papertowel - Block of Iron_br1


V.2.1 - Survivors Were Here... (Horror update)
Flashlight - Glowstone_fl
White Rabbit Ears - Carved Pumpkin_wre
Frog Umbrella - White Banner_frogum
Boards (Spruce) - Spruce Planks_spboards
Boards (Acacia) - Spruce Planks_acboards
Radio - Note Block_radio
First Aid Kit - Oak Button_aid
Orange Bedroll - White Carpet_orangebed
Red Bedroll - White Carpet_redbed
Blue Bedroll - White Carpet_bluebed
Lime Bedroll - White Carpet_limebed
Park Bench - Oak Slab_bench
Paper Lantern - Torch_paper
Possessed Lantern - Torch_possessed
Pink Kokeshi Doll (single) - Oak Button_kokeshi0
Purple Kokeshi Doll (single) - Oak Button_kokeshi1
Kokeshi Doll Trio - Oak Button_kokeshi2
Small Pink Kokeshi Doll - Oak Button_kokeshi3
Small Purple Kokeshi Doll - Oak Button_kokeshi4
GraveStone - Stone Button_grave0
Gravestone (Old) - Stone Button_grave1
Angel Grave - Stone Button_grave2
Hammer + Nails - Iron Block_hammer
Teruteru Bozu - White Banner_teruteru
Iron Pipe - Iron Pipe (Iron Sword item)
Bloody Knife - Bloody Knife (Iron Sword item)
Nailbat - Nailbat (Wooden Sword item)
Golf Club - Golfclub (Iron Sword item)
Noose - Lead_noose
Paper Lantern (Ground) - Torch_glantern
Paper Lantern (Water) - Torch_wlantern
Blood Stain 1 - Red Carpet_blood0
Blood Stain 2 - Red Carpet_blood1
Blood Stain 3 - Red Carpet_blood2
Polaroid Camera - Oak Button_camera
Polaroid Camera w/ photo - Oak Button_cphoto
Polaroid photos - Paper_photo2
Single photo - Paper_photo1
String of Polaroids - String_photos
Polaroid film box - Oak Button_filmbox
Missing Person posters - Paper_missing
Scattered papers - Paper_scatter
Curtains - White Banner_curtain1
Tattered Curtains - White Banner_curtain2
Progress10% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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01/05/2020 4:29 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
milkbunbun's Avatar
this is fantastic! such a cute CIT pack. I hope you continue to make more updates in the future!
08/14/2019 11:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
kerrschtein's Avatar
This is so cute, I hope you add more fun stuff and maybe a visual catalogue!
08/13/2019 8:58 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
gaysnakevision's Avatar
This is so lovely! The models are really cute and well detailed - keep up the amazing work!
08/18/2019 3:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Samud's Avatar
I downloaded this and it didn’t do anything can you tell me what exactly to do so it works for me
11/29/2019 3:17 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
abandonware's Avatar
you need to have optifine! and to rename the objects used for the items. i would recommend getting mizuno's 16 pack too! i hope this helped a little bit.
07/30/2019 10:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
wotsukai's Avatar
made an account just to say this is so cute!!!