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Hans-Pack - Version 1.4

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HS20 avatar HS20
Level 45 : Master Artist
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to share this pack, please link to THIS POST, not the download link itself! Thank you.

At long last, Hans-Pack is public!

This marks the first official release of Hans-Pack, currently in version 1.4.

Hans-Pack is an addon pack for Default which attempts to improve realistic building and give a more pleasant look to the game. It features a number of edited textures along with some new ones, custom biome colours, custom sky, and custom boats.
A full list of changes can be found in update log.txt, contained in the resource pack folder.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.
Enjoy the pack!

Note: the actual pack folder is located inside the .zip folder.

List of texture changes (see images for reference):

Wooden logs
- inside matches corresponding planks
- Oak logs are darker & more grey
- new Spruce logs
- slightly edited Jungle logs

Wooden planks
- Spruce planks are less satured
- Birch planks are less saturated & more orange-hued
- Jungle planks have a new colour
- Acacia planks are red in hue
- Dark Oak planks are less saturated

- Spruce door matches planks
- new Birch door, based on Quartz blocks with Dark Oak door design
- new Jungle door, with Jungle plank frame & Jungle bark inside
- new Acacia door, matching the planks
- Dark Oak door matches planks

- Jungle leaves have additional yellow hue
- Acacia leaves have additional yellow hue
- Dark oak leaves uses the preview 1.14 Oak leaf texture

- Grey underside (based on Cyan stained clay)
- Dark grey interior (based on new Grey concrete)
- Wooden exterior paneling (based on corresponding planks)
- Grey rudders

Ground blocks
- Grass sides have longer grass (with default pattern)
- Dirt & Grass sides have randomised textures with individual stones (taken from cobblestone)
- new Coarse Dirt texture, based on Dirt

Sand & Sandstone blocks are more orange in hue

Nether brick is black

Coal blocks are black

Glass is no longer blueish

Glowstone has more depth and is more glowy

Redstone blocks are smooth tiles

- new Orange, Yellow, Lime, and Light Blue wool textures
- the remaining 12 wools use the pre-1.12 textures

- 16 new concrete textures (using the default stone texture as a base)

Purpur Block & Purpur Pillar are edited to match Purple Stained Clay (Terracotta)

Reeds are slightly edited & have a more natural top texture

Stone Bricks have connected textures to improve shading around edges

Bricks have connected textures to improve edges

Biome colours:
The following images show a sample terrain piece with trees showing off the 4 different leaf colours (left to right: Dark Oak, Birch, Acacia, Spruce).
Biome samples
1. Plains/Beach

2. River/Ocean

3. Extreme Hills

Extreme Hills

4. Desert/Savannah


5. Forest/Jungle


6. Jungle Edge

Jungle Edge

7. Ice Flats

Ice Flats

8. Taiga


9. Roofed Forest

Roofed Forest
CreditMojang; Creator(s) of the custom skybox; Foxshot Realistic Server community for using and giving feedback & criticism on earlier versions of the pack
Progress65% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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01/30/2019 2:58 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
IDAVOLL avatar
Please 1.13.2 version of this..
12/05/2018 1:06 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Professor
BlueCultistArchr avatar
You could remove that blueish tint from the black concrete powder texture.
12/06/2018 4:30 pm
Level 45 : Master Artist
HS20 avatar
Indeed, currently the concrete powder isn't really uniform with the concrete & wool colours, in fact I didn't even change it. I definitely want to improve the consistency in the next update. Thank you for pointing that out!
09/17/2018 1:07 am
Level 28 : Expert Architect
alexthefriend29 avatar
haha yes
07/22/2018 1:34 am
Level 40 : Master Explorer
Mele Keshpalin
Mele Keshpalin avatar
The acacia is a bit odd. I'd make it more of a redder orange if you wanted it red, but the red in the current acacia doesn't look natural, it looks like it's been stained. Still a really good pack
07/12/2018 8:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
vsevolol avatar
it says that archive is broken :'(
07/10/2018 7:27 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Wolf
VoIke avatar
Oh so you finally posted it, great!
07/09/2018 7:11 pm
Level 27 : Expert Spleefer
LittlePotato avatar
best pack i've ever downloaded
07/07/2018 8:46 pm
Level 28 : Expert Button Pusher
ParkourGee avatar
That's great! You are amazing at making textures! :D
06/26/2018 7:41 am
Level 39 : Artisan Demolitionist
Comrade Rick
Comrade Rick avatar
Looks good but the change to coarse dirt defeats the purpose of coarse dirt as a non-overgrowable dirt block and pathway block.
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