IsisCraft (16x16) ('I' 'sis' 'Craft')

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                  avatar Square_Nacho
                  Level 29 : Expert Toast
                  PLEASE READ!! :3

                  HAI GOIZ!! (guys) Its me Square_Nacho and I have been working on this texture pack for the past few days as like a little secret project for you's to enjoy. So far I have it all planed out on wich I will be doing first and last.
                  1. Textures and items
                  2. GUI and health bar
                  3. Background
                  4. environment/moon sun
                  5. armour and paintings
                  and last but not least 6. Mobs

                  so yeah don't really expect mobs and armour to be done for a while but please if you have any ideas on what they should look like please tell me and I will put down your name in the additional credit bar even if I don't use your ideas for the textures but because you actually took the time to read this and listen "Hi 5" :D

                  So hey if you guys Like this texture Pack please give me a Diamond so I will continue to finish it and make even more texture Packs and skins for your enjoyment and leave any possible feed back on what you think about it :D

                  Cheers. Square_Nacho
                  Progress10% complete
                  Game VersionMinecraft 1.1

                  1 Update Logs

                  Update #1 : 01/30/2012 4:24:04 amJan 30th, 2012

                  Update #1
                  finished the diamond and iron tools! also did the textures for the steak cooked and un cooked and also the melon pieces. I have also done the textures for other blocks aswell but can't think of them right now.. haha sorry. Hope you like it guys :D more updates coming soon :D

                  02/09/2012 5:53 am
                  Level 27 : Expert Nerd
                  Nice Texturepack, has a lot of potential! :D Best 16x16 Texture pack i have ever seen :D
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