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                    Some time ago I played survival minecraft with some friends, which I really do not do, since I am more of a technical player who normally spends my time in the game making machines, automation and redstone infrastructure. But I needed to use the beacon, and I thought it was confusing. How many blocks do the green pixels represent?

                    To solve this, I created this resource pack where I separate each layer into each of the blocks you can use to power lighthouse, except netherite, but it may be too dark to use in the graphical user interface anyway. I also scaled PNG to be able to center the beam. In the vanilla texture, the middle "blocks" are actually three pixels wide. But in my package I have removed the extra pixels and centered the beam.

                    It works in 1.16.2 - 1.16.3. It should also work for versions before, because resource packs only depends on the file path and the struction of the files, as for the PNG for the beacon. But if you really want to use it in versions after 1.16.3, I suggest unpacking the package and changing the number in the pack.mcmeta to 7, or 8, or maybe 9. I do not know how they will format the versions in the future. You choose whether you want to repack it.

                    This is how it is now.
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                    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.3

                    10/25/2020 9:31 amhistory
                    Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
                    Thanks. Because that also my problem with the beacon.
                    10/25/2020 9:44 am
                    Level 21 : Expert Engineer
                    Yes. that is good to hear someone wanted it.
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