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                    Level 19 : Journeyman uwu

                    Glory to mankind.

                    What you should know:

                    OPTIFINE is required from pack version 0.0.9 onwards.
                    Pack is tested on Minecraft version 1.16.5. Initially on 1.16.3. Should be compatible with all 1.16 versions.
                    In the event you have multiple texture packs, this resource pack is intended to overwrite all other packs so to retexture a select few blocks and items while overwriting GUI, mob models and mob textures.
                    If you disregard this intention, DON'T increase priority of texture packs for mobs over this pack.

                    Current Version
                    0.1.0 Highlights
                    > City Ruins Stubby Robot model and texture changes

                    > Husk -> Desert Stubby Robot (Due to how slow moving zombies are, I feel Stubbies fit them better than Bipeds)

                    xLovelight's new update to his map reminded me to make a desert variation of the stubby robots.


                    Current Highlights

                    > New custom GUI / HUD textures

                    > Highly detailed sword and bow models and textures

                    > New mob textures

                    > New block models and textures

                    > Celestial Alphabet particles for various objects and mobs

                    > New experience orb shape

                    > New boss health bars inspired by NieR:Automata

                    > Sounds and Music (separate download) from NieR:Automata applied for Minecraft items and events*

                    > New Pack Icon, settings menu, and advancement menu background textures

                    > New End and Nether (+ crimson forest) themes

                    With Optifine installed

                    > Optifine CIT functionality for bows, swords, and axes
                      > Bows can be renamed as "Grimoire", "Pod 042", "Pod 153", and "Pod"
                        > Alternate bow models (search here for anvil renaming options if still unclear)
                      > Swords and axes can be renamed as "Beastlord", "Virtuous Contract", and "Virtuous Treaty"

                    > Optifine CEMs - new mob models:

                    > Emissive overlay for glowing mob parts, mob eyes, and other items

                    > New overworld sky color and End dimension fog color

                    > Alternate experience orb color

                    > Loading screen colors


                    Mob list:
                    Vanilla Retextures (excluding mobs with Optifine models):
                    • Skeleton -> Dead Android
                    • Slime -> Exploder Core (original)
                    • Magma Cube -> Opaque Exploder Core (original)
                    • Squid -> Robot-scheme Squid (original)
                    • Silverfish -> Little Box (original)
                    • Bat -> Little Rocket (original)
                    • Piglin -> Defected Android
                    Optifine Required:
                    • Zombie -> Stubby Robot (City Ruins variant)
                    • Husk -> Stubby Robot (Desert variant)
                    • Creeper -> Medium Exploder
                    • Spider -> Ko-Shi
                    • Cave Spider -> So-Shi
                    • Blaze -> Small Flyer
                    • Ghast -> Medium Flyer
                    • Enderman -> Gestalt Shade
                    • Wither -> Beauvoir
                    • Ender Dragon -> Hegel
                    • Villager -> Resistance Member [​Incomplete]

                    Main Listing:
                    Curseforge (Slow Update Channel):

                    To-do list:
                    - replace villager skins with one based on NieR:Automata resistance members [​In Progress]

                    Something for myself to keep in mind:
                    Minecraft Java only accepts Vorbis ogg, not Opus ogg.

                    Cover pic captured while using 2B skin by Agatha
                    Some pics taken on map by xLovelights:
                    *Important Note: To reiterate, /sounds folder, which replaces some tracks and discs in-game, is a separate download

                    Summary Differences compared to predecessors
                    How to install texture pack
                    How to install sounds folder and related files
                    License (license.txt)
                    Full credits (credits.txt)
                    Disclaimer and things to keep in mind (readme.txt)

                    (A copy of some of the above info is also in your downloaded file as a reminder)
                    CreditThe_Khuzdul1, nongfu, Godlander, EleneRemedy. See credits.txt
                    Progress75% complete
                    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.4

                    10 Update Logs

                    Update 0.1.0 : 01/23/2021 4:31:49 amJan 23rd

                    General Changes

                    Optifine-related Changes
                    1. Fixed Zombie Optifine leg model
                    2. Various model changes to Zombie Optifine model for greater accuracy to in-game Stubby Robot
                    3. NEW Husk model and textures. Builds on Zombie model. Represents NieR:Automata desert stubbies.

                    Other Fixes or Alterations yet unmentioned
                    4. Simplified Zombie Optifine texture and removed some potential conflicts with vanilla texture locations within .PNG due to different model locations
                    5. Change Zombie Optifine model's emissive overlay
                    6. Added head, arm, and headwear animation lines in .jem for Zombie Optifine model
                    LOAD MORE LOGS

                    12/05/2020 3:50 am
                    Level 1 : New Miner
                    I need this in bedrock edition
                    12/05/2020 5:18 am
                    Level 19 : Journeyman uwu
                    o~o I would make a bedrock one if I could. Unfortunately, besides me not really using bedrock Minecraft, that version isn't currently supporting the types of custom item and block models I wish to make with my NieR resource pack project. (and I'm a bit too deep in the project with Java Minecraft now)
                    12/01/2020 6:25 pm
                    Level 1 : New Miner
                    Wonderful pack, i love it
                    12/01/2020 11:11 pm
                    Level 19 : Journeyman uwu
                    Thanks! If you've got any ideas, just let me know. I keep watch.
                    12/02/2020 5:17 pm
                    Level 1 : New Miner
                    Mmm, maybe Pascal could be the iron golem?
                    12/02/2020 9:01 pmhistory
                    Level 19 : Journeyman uwu
                    Pascal is too small for the Iron Golem lol. I could downsize the 'pascal iron golem', but the hit-boxes and 'attack-points' would still be the same as vanilla...
                    What I could do is make a Pascal texture for a villager or somehow make a model exclusive for one villager profession. That could work.
                    11/14/2020 3:13 pm
                    Level 13 : Journeyman Pokemon
                    That models look AWESOME. Loved it!
                    11/14/2020 11:01 pm
                    Level 19 : Journeyman uwu
                    Thank you!
                    10/23/2020 11:25 am
                    Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
                    Wow this texture pack is awsome, especially with Optifine and shaders!
                    10/23/2020 12:14 pmhistory
                    Level 19 : Journeyman uwu
                    I'm super glad you enjoy it! I'm working hard to add more features. If there are any issues, inconsistencies, or dislikes, let me know!

                    Edit: Share some pics with shaders too!!!!
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