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Official Anarchus Texture Pack 1.16-1.20.2

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Father_4U's Avatar Father_4U
Level 54 : Grandmaster Architect
Official Anarchus Texture Pack Version 2.0.0

Server IP: anarchus.fun

This resource pack is entirely made for the Anarchus server so if you aren't on the server the resource pack won't be working for you. The pack takes advantage of Optifine cit features so if you dont have those enabled with Optifine none of the custom textures will load for you either. If you want to learn more about Anarchus and what it is follow the links below.

2.0.0 Update:
After about 2 years of no new content for the resource pack the Anarchus server has reopened and with that a whole bunch of new stuff has been added. Its been a major milestone for the server and for that the pack has finally been updated after a 2 year hiatus. With the new release of Anarchus there has been a lot of content especially because a brand new adventure world released with 5 custom dungeons and a lot of gear. Those all have been textured and I have made sure to feature them in the image gallery.
Anarchus Discord Server: https://discord.gg/SbZrCxH
Anarchus Wiki: https://anarchus.fandom.com/wiki/Anarchus_Wiki

Keep in mind for the pack to work you need to have Optifine (newest version) and you have to be on the anarchus.fun server. If you aren't on the server then the textures will not work.

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.20

9 Update Logs

2.0.0 (All New Content After 2 Years!) : by Father_4U 09/23/2023 3:13:40 pmSep 23rd, 2023

Added textures for:
long johns
halloween 2020 armor set
pvp tokens
depleted materials
revival 2023 event gear
christmas 2020 event armor
valentines 2022 event gear
valentines 2021 event armor
easter 2022 event gear
pvp 2023 medals
random essence
damaged gold coin
rank promotion iou's
immortal key
helm of attonement
radient kilt
searing katana
nights whisper
mellow breeze
mystery potion cup
disguise wands
crusader's mantle
otherside magic disc
relic magic disc
ocean temple magic disc
darkness consolidator
celestial orenmir
boom axe
celestial boom axe
loading screen
consta shard
celestial ferramentum
cake crumbs
Changed textures for:
blade of fury
celestial blade of fury
christmas 2021 scrolls
pyro armor
void armor
cloud armor
sunfire armor
voidwalker armor
stormraider armor
combat armor
thief armor
mercury's treads
frozen heart
adaptive helm
percitite boots
deaths dance
spectral cowl
christmas 2020 armor items
anniversary 2021 armor items
christmas 2021 armor items (boots and chestplate)
tuxedo armor
slippys boxers armor item
frost essence 2020
boss bars
exp bar
Fixed textures not appearing for:
vasimr gauntlets (MK 5-7)
covenant tomes
world lore
anarchus guide
Fixed texture overlap for:
talaria and christmas 2020 boots
cloud helmet and helm of attonement
heartseeker and violet
santas hat and adaptive helm
valens convergence and celestial vigilance/vibranium buckler
celestial magic hookshot and hookshot

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