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Ornate 5 Re-resurrected Core

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babbajagga's Avatar babbajagga
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
A semi-realistic, dark, intricate themed texture pack.

Great for architecture, medieval themes, victorian age builds, RPG, etc.

This is a cut-down Lite Edition of the full version,
provides the basic features, supports the absence of MCPatcher.
Recommended for the lower performance PCs.

In other words, there are no animations (except the default ones like Fire, Water, Lava & Portal), no BetterSkies, CTM, MetaData cycling, color palettes, random mobs, biomes specific features, etc.
You do not need MCPatcher nor Optifine for this pack to work.
In case you would like to have HD font, but easily readable (not ornamental) use Optifine. In case you are fine with the default MC fonts, you can fully avoid using MCPatcher or Optifine.

As of December 2014, this pack became the standard basis (core) for the Ornate 5 Re-resurrected resource pack.
I will release separately downloadable AddOn packs, that will further extend the features of this pack providing a full MCPatcher feature support (just like it was known from the Full Edition of this pack before). So everyone will have the opportunity to easily adjust the pack to his/her liking without a need of having just stick to the cut down release (Lite Edition/Core) or picking the performance demanding Full Edition as it was in the past.
That said, if you are fine with the merely default rp of Ornate 5 RR, then you can use only the Core.
In case you wish to have a different font style, or nicer wood blocks, CTM support, animations, Randomobs, biome based textures or MetaData textures (metadata - applies only for MC versions prior to MC 1.8.x) then you simply download the corresponding AddOn pack and you are done. No need of unpacking, copying, replacing, overwritting or whatever like that. You will have the chance now to simply add or remove the parts of the pack you do (not) wish to have via the in-game menu for resource packs.
For some more insight, you may check out the blog that I have created regarding this change. >>> click <<<

My work is licensed under

Stay in touch with the latest News, or just be a part of the Ornate community
Join on FACEBOOK! or Twitter! :)



You can find a lot of more and new pictures in the full album at: imgur
Or in my latest album(s) at: mediafire

Check the amazing builds made by Tiresh with Ornate pack:
The Capitol - modern city
Paleis Gorgon
Biome based doors showcase

Pack review by Gigabowser51 (Outdated a bit)

AddOns Management preview [mc1.8.1]

Watch Dethridge's TwitchTV, building some stuff with this pack :) (outdated)


31. December 2017 - small bugfix update
11. September 2017 - W.I.P. update for MC v1.12.1

See the complete Changelog for all Lite versions over here.

>>> To-Do List <<<
Progress for the next release... (spoiler!)
Time from time check out this link below as I upload some upcoming stuff there that will be in next release of this pack.

Before you ask >>> Read the F.A.Q.

Do you need to use OptiFine or MCPatcher HD Fix?
You DO NOT need OptiFine nor MCPatcher to run this pack in Lite Edition (Core).
You may however use OptiFine or MCPatcher's feature - Extended HD - to have the HD font (easily readable - not the default Ornate font).

Keep in mind...
MCPatcher developement is discontinued since MC v1.8+
All the features provided by MCPatcher have been successfully merged now into OptiFine. That said, when you are playing newer releases of MC (1.8.x and newer) use OptiFine instead of MCPatcher.

If you need any assistance with this pack see the >>>Instalation Instructions.<<<

In case it still did not helped read the F.A.Q.

If any problems still persist for you after that, feel free to ask in the comments below or send me a PM.

You can get the AddOn packs over here:
Or just browse my profile on this web it is all here ;o)

List of AddOns
All-in-One AddOn bundle
Clayman's v1
Clayman's v2
Desert Quarry v1
Desert Quarry v2
Fragile v1
Fragile v2
FX - Brighter Nights
FX - Default Dark(less)
HD Fonts Frozen
HD Fonts Golden
HD Fonts Orichalch
HD Fonts Silver
Iron Forger's v1 - basic Iron
Iron Forger's v2 - rusty Iron
Iron Forger's v3 - worn/old Iron
Iron Forger's v4 - fancy Iron
Iron Forger's v5 - fancy but rusty Iron
MCPatcher FX

Weapon smith's
Armor smith's
Medieval Foundry
Lost Gods (Mayan/Aztec/Inc)
Ancient (Egyptian/Summer)
Modern / Industrial / Engineer's

MetaData related stuff (works only in Minecraft versions prior to 1.8)
Looking for the MetaData Codes? >>> find them all over here <<<

Links to the required plugins/mods:
MetaCycler (req. Bukkit)
WorldEdit (req. Bukkit)
MetaChanger (works for Single Player! / only req. Forge for mc 1.7.x)
SPC mod (req. Single Player only)
(you need to use just one of them)

In latest Ornate packs are no longer MetaData textures included to prevent bugging in MC 1.8
Instead I've released a separate AddOn pack with MetaData textures for MC 1.7.x

The famous people behind this project!
1st of all... Huge THANK YOU to sevenfour for this fantastic texture pack!
followed by represent601 for resurrecting this texture pack and keeping it alive for so long in his thread.
aaand of course to all those previous supporters & artists that helped to implement and submited all the new stuff into Ornate 5 (ie. GUIs, items, etc. when represent601 took over the work).
Not to forget You dear visitor for reading this topic and using this texture pack!

My especialy HUGE THANKS goes to MithrandirMoon for all the textures she(?) submited to me, including the Old Ornate versions!
My another personal thanks goes to LolTurdFerguson for her wide texture support with her Humble Craft :)

As you may have noticed, Ornate pack is still missing some extraordinary "Better Skies" features. In case you would like to pimp up your world sightings but you are not interested in using Shaders,... then... definitely check out the texture addon packs listed below! They add some breathtaking skies to your world!

EPIC HORIZON made by Aetheris-ex
> > > Direct link to his pack < < <

Dramatic Skys made by thebaum64

> > > Direct link to his pack < < <
You can show your support if you like my work
If you like this texture pack, feel free to use the below banner in your signatures, here or anywhere else :)


I do not consider working on this pack as my main income, nor am I doing
it for money in general. Despite that, it took me a lot of effort and
time to bring the pack to it's current stage. Thus if you would like to
show your affection feel free to use the donate button bellow or on my Curse.com or Curseforge.com profiles

> > > Support via PayPal < < <

Permissions, Copyrights, Policy... in short the TL&DR stuff

sevenfour's (source)

I don't think I'll ever update the pack again, so I give anyone the right to use it however they want, modify/continue it, distribute it, etc.

represent601's (my predecessor for Ornate 5 continuation)

What you can do with this texture pack?
1.) use it in your minecraft game
2.) create video / forum / blog reviews of it
3.) use it in let's play and all the other kinds of vids
4.) share direct link to this topic and/or to my direct download links
5.) edit it to your liking for private use and eventualy share it further via non-profit making sites/links (just PM me for permission before you release it,... thx)
6.) credit me or the corresponding autors for their work on this texture pack

What you are not allowed to do with this texture pack?
1.) claim it as your own work (it's just so low and fail /lol)
2.) make a profit (that means, gaining any money or credit) from sharing this texture pack, or make any links via money making sites (may it be link to this topic or to the download links for this texture pack and/or it's contents)
3.) you are not allowed to reupload my work anywhere with public access



Let me know what you think of this pack in the comments below please ;-)

If there is something you like, or dislike, if you would change something, or what you hate or if you found some bugs, etc.

♦ Feel free to comment, subscribe, leave a diamond and/or favorite, spread the "word" and enjoy. ♦

I am trying to release special bonuses for reaching specific milestones
(like ie. amount of downloads @ 1k,2k,4k,8k,etc., or # of subscribers, etc.)
Bonuses may include ie. Ornate themed OS Icons, Wallpapers, maps, etc.

BONUS - Wallpaper preview
You can get it on the link above


English is not my native language, so if you find any grammar / spelling fail, simply PM me and I will correct it asap
(do not spam the topic here with that kind of trash, thx).

Posted Image


Do you likeStalker game? or Diablo 2?

Check out my good friend's character skins and give him some support / feedback / shinies :)

> > > CLICK here to go to his profile here at PMC < < <

lm/ `-;;-' lm/
Creditsevenfour, represent601, MithrandirMoon, LolTurdFerguson
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12

11 Update Logs

Update #11 : by babbajagga 12/31/2017 2:39:25 pmDec 31st, 2017

v1.12-03 Core (31.12.2017)
- small bugfix update

- the gem texture on Iron Sword changed from Emerald green to white

- Clock textures are back and working as they should (Thanks to jdwarfer for bug report)
- Compass textures are back and working as they should (Thanks to jdwarfer for bug report)

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01/24/2019 4:57 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar

Curse.com seems to be gone due to being merged with some new whatever investor...

that said: fixed the main download link
Military Minecraft
08/25/2018 8:12 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Engineer
Military Minecraft's Avatar
01/01/2018 4:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
jdwarfer's Avatar
Thanks for the update, happy new year :)
01/01/2018 9:19 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar
HNY as well to you,
I wished it would be sooner fixed, but meh, better later as never, right? :)
11/12/2017 3:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
jdwarfer's Avatar
Hi :)
I really enjoy your pack but the compass is weird. It's not really "readable" and the red arrow doesn't seem to work like usual, in vanilla...
Could you change the compass please?
12/28/2017 7:17 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar
Hi jdwarfer,
Thanks for the report!

Sorry for the late reply, I had been bussy in last time - not that this would be any worthfully excuse at all /shame_on_me,...
but the good news is... finaly, today I managed to fix this (and several other bugs across my packs) so I will be releasing a small fix update within few days :)
12/20/2015 7:35 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Architect
Coxe_'s Avatar
12/21/2015 1:44 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar
Thanks :)
if you build something with this pack let me know m8, I always eager after seeing builds by others using this pack :)
12/05/2015 1:44 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Network
WizryNet's Avatar
The textures look great! This surely is a work of art :) +1
12/05/2015 5:13 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar
Thanks for the kind words :)
I just wish I had the time now on working further on this pack, has been quite a while since I last did anything :/
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