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flamingdiaper4U's Avatar flamingdiaper4U
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
This is a prehistoric pack which has a dark intense feeling. It is very good for a 16x16. I did all the textures in the terrain.png I feel should be done to post. I will do more. It is currently in 3.0with most of the terrain finished. I plan on improving the workbench and maybe the leaves when I do more of the pack. I started off making this pack with the intent to make a very good looking 16x16. I didn't really know what I was going for but I didn't want complete realism. After I did the dirt and grass and stone, I realized I was giving it a kind of dark feel. It reminded me of prehistoric times. Thus, this pack was born. I also didn't know what I wanted to do with ores at first. I had some basic colors of the ores on the blocks that looked okay but, it wasn't what I wanted. Then I started messing around and saw that, before there were humans, ore deposits would be huge and connected. I tried to represent that as best as I could in the ores.

Mod Support and Ideas
Any ideas for textures? Be sure to contact me. Want this texture pack to have mod support? Contact me. ~Simple Ores support coming in update to 3.0. Get the mod HERE!Support added. The creator of this mod isAleXndrTheGr8st.

FUNNY STORY... the file accidentally got deleted off my computer some how. And now the file was taken off the site due to inactivity. If anyone could send me a link to the pack in a personal message, I could give you credit for helping me continue this pack. But this is not permission to continue the pack yourself! Thank you.

The download is down as of now.

Drag the whole zip into the texture pack folder. Do not unzip!
You do not need MC Patcher but if you want custom water and lava, you need it. And trust me, you want those..
Also to get to the texture pack select screen in 1.5, you have to go to options. It is the game dev's idea, not mine.
To get textures for simple ores,open the mods folder in the texture pack file, then open the zip folder inside. Drag the texture files to your minecraft mods folder inside the simple ores file. Do not overwrite both zips. It messes up.
I plan on continually improving the description for sure.
~All blocks
~Particle effects
~Improving completed blocks
~Improving my own skills.
~Animating Blocks(Leaves, grass, etc.)
~Version 3.0
Added a few blocks. Minor improvements on multiple blocks. Added mod support for Simple Ores byAleXndrTheGr8stlocated here.

~Version 2.5
Many various updates including glowstone improvement, animated furnace, dead bush, piston tops, title improvements, new particles, a little more I can't remember.

~Version 2.4
I added Buckets, diamonds, bones, and raw beef and cooked beef.

~version 2.3
It was really bugging me that I didn't have a bed. I did the bed and the pumpkin. The pumpkin got me really frustrated so I will definitely be improving that but, that is for a later date. Also, since this is a prehistoric pack, the bed is supposed to be a bunch of twigs held together by vines, sitting on a giant boulder. The pillow is a rock.

~version 2.2

Added daylight sensor, apples and golden apples, finished all processed wood, cactus side, and nether quartz. It seems like their is something else but I am not sure.

~version 2.1
Updated to 1.5! I also added the sun.

~version 2.0
I changed grass, and leaves gray and added grass colors so the color of grass will change from biome to biome. It looks really good. I also did the red mushroom and the flowers.

~version 1.2
Did lava, side glass, emerald ore, carrots, flower pot, mycelium, started GUI

~version 1.1
Did block breaking animation, oak leaves, and lapis blocks

~Version 1.0
Did most of the terrain.png and the wooden sword.

Thanks for the feature!


Progress40% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.5

10 Update Logs

Help : by flamingdiaper4U 09/02/2013 4:50:46 pmSep 2nd, 2013

I need help. Story in description. Version 4.0 out if I get help.

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08/07/2013 10:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
your friends friend
your friends  friend's Avatar
I could not believe this is a 16x16 texture pack that I had to count the pixels in the images.Looks nice
03/26/2013 5:36 am
Level 28 : Expert Hunter
Hassan-Sah's Avatar
But mean like is there a editor website or something cause im only finding those that is allready made and i can just choose to use that and that. But i wanna find out how to make it 100% so tell me how you do it plz
03/26/2013 7:28 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
flamingdiaper4U's Avatar
Donwload GIMP 2 or paint.net. Get winrar or 7zip and open minecraft.jar. Then take out the files:achievement-armor-art-environment-font-gui-item-misc-mob-terrain-textures-title-font.txt-pack.png-pack.txt-particles.png. After that, you can open any folder and edit the files in them. For example, blocks are in textures/blocks. In there you can edit dirt, stone, and all the other blocks you see in game. When you are done, add all the folders to a zip archive, and upload it to a file sharing website or put it in your texturepacks folder. There are more in depth tutorials on how to do it and what textures to edit and how to edit them. Good luck!
03/26/2013 10:25 am
Level 28 : Expert Hunter
Hassan-Sah's Avatar
03/26/2013 2:57 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
flamingdiaper4U's Avatar
No prob.
03/21/2013 12:23 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
iceymm's Avatar
awesome job, this is the best texture pack for the prehistoric and archeaology mod too
03/21/2013 3:43 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
flamingdiaper4U's Avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it.
03/11/2013 1:40 pm
Level 41 : Master Dragon
Haydeos's Avatar
The Good: the grass, leaves, stone, and dirt all are well done and definitely give a prehistoric feel.

Bug: the enchanted book texture is missing.

Not a fan of: the Lapis Block.

Keep it up! I think it's gonna look good when it's done.
03/11/2013 3:52 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
flamingdiaper4U's Avatar
Thanks for the feedback! I don't know why the enchanted book texture is missing. I will see if I can fIgure that out. I will also see about improving lapis.
03/08/2013 10:52 pm
Level 43 : Master Mountaineer
revenge_racer's Avatar
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