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Endmir26 avatar Endmir26
Level 40 : Master Explorer
Realistic Vanilla is a Texture Pack for Java and Bedrock, here textures, models and sounds are changed to be realistic and make sense with the lore of the game, avoiding ruining the decoration and leaving the style of the game. From small details like the Lodestone, to redesigns like the Ender Dragon.

Several blocks are changed here, such as the ores having a second variant and small details, the redstone lamp having the MC Dungeons texture and having Glowstone, or the chiseled blocks having another design or light and shadow. (Ignore the sandstone ones, my mistake).

Also, the items change, being that, the tools of each material have a different design, the crossbow is similar to its real version, some minerals resemble its real version, the elytra have the aspect of the Ender Dragon wings, together with the amethyst and copper Spyglass, and the shield is re-colored.

Also some mobs change, like the Warden is made of Deepslate, bones, and Sculk, to give logic to its hardness relating it to the Reinforced Deepslate. (The picture is old).
And to finish, the texture pack uses Optifine, so, there are details with this one, being the following;

-Mob models
-Rename stone axe = black stone axe
-Rename stone pickaxe = black stone pickaxe
-Rename stone sword = black stone sword
-Rename stone hoe = black stone hoe
-Rename stone sword = black stone shovel
-Soul exp
-Rename stone sword = Black stone sword
-Purpur and quartz pillar
-Chiseled Nether Bricks and Cracked Nether Bricks
-Rename Stone Sword = Black Stone Sword
-Random mobs, such as the Creeper and zombie in the snow, goats, chickens, hoglin and baby zoglin, snow golem in deserts and the Nether, pink dolphin, roosters, Warped Enderman, yellow allay, Sculk Block Block Warped overlay and Crimson Nylium, and connected glass.

Here is a short list of what it comes with:

-Wither Skeleton
-Enchanting Table
-Prismarine Bricks
-Mob Spawner
-Dark Prismarine
-Logs ando Stems
-Magma, Magma cream, Magmacube

There are more examples like armor, GUI, etc.


Music: Originally composed by Peter Hont for Minecraft Dungeons, distributed by Mojang Studios.
Elder Guardian, Lime, Magenta, Gray, Light Gray dyes, Amethyst Clusters, Pointed Dripstone, leather colours: Vanilla Tweak's
Torch base, Blaze rod, fire and Soul fire: StormDragon77
Tuff base: Kham132
Diamond base: Cheyron173
Warden inspiration: Alan Walker
Warden base: Mewtwo_150, www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/ancient-warden/
CreditVanilla Tweak's, StormDragon77, Mojang Studios, Cheyron173, Kham132, Mewtwo_150
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

3 Update Logs

1.19 : by Endmir26 11/15/2022 3:04:52 pmNov 15th


-The Warden is now made of Deepslate, bones, and Sculk, reference to Alan Walker's video on the Warden and to make sense of its extreme toughness.
-The Allay has some changes, plus it has a yellow MC Legends variant, which I loved.
-The Vex has been redesigned to be similar to the Allay.
-The Mangrove planks have their own design.
-The frogs have some small changes.
-Some paintings were changed with concept art from 1.19.
-The shield is made of Mangrove wood.
-The Recovery Compass looks like the original compass.
-The Ancients theme was changed with Fizz from MC Dungeons, in reference to the first legendary glimpse of the Warden.
-The chests of the new boats are made of subrespective wood.
-Everything related to the Sculk was recolored, to have consistency with the fire of souls, besides, they glow with Optifine.
-Disc 5 (item) was changed.
-When putting a bone block in the Deep Dark, it will change its texture.
-The FrogSpawn are 3D.

In general:
-The Armor Stand was changed.
-The elytras are now Ender Dragon wings.
-The Ender Dragon looks more like the Red Dragon design.
-The Beacon was changed, again -_-, next to the Nether Star.
-The pumpkin looks like the design of the same one from MC Legends.
-The Scaffolding has its original color palette, but keeping the white thread (for 1.20).
-The Zombie has small changes to the new Skin of Steve (before the Minecraft Live), in addition, there is a variant of Alex (in the next version I will add the missing ones).
-The Vindicator, the Witch, and the Evoker have some changes.
-The compass has its original color palette, but with the detail of the blue needle.
-Again, the music discs were changed.
-For... How many times has it been? Well, the diamond was changed, again.
-The signs were to be similar to their original design.
-The fences have better design.
-The bamboo has some changes.
-The traditional oven has a better design.
-See the wooden slabs.
-Some chiseled blocks were changed.
-The Ghast was changed to have pixel awareness at its size, I am not responsible if they freak out.
-The Beehive with honey looks better.
-The wooden trunks have shading, even the ones in the Nether, even if it doesn't look like it.
-The ice was changed.
-The Daylight Detector was redesigned, based a bit on the original design.
-The Lodestone has micro changes.
-The Warped Fungus has another design.
-The TNT was changed.
-The normal squid was recolored, using the color palette of the giant squid from Alex's Mobs.
-The bee was changed, again.
-The Flint and Steel was changed to an iron nugget.
-The maps were changed.
-The honey botrle is unique.
-The crossbow is more realistic.
-The Totem of Undying is the "Totem of Allaying" XD.
-The sounds and particles of the explosions are more realistic.
-The sound of rain is more realistic.
-The buttons are 3D
-Lily Pads have a flower.
-When renaming the stone tools to "Blackstone", they will be made of this material.
-Mushrooms are 3D.
-Variants of some flowers from 1 to 3 groups.
-The theme Stand Tall was changed to Fog from MC Dungeons.
-Some crops are 3D.
-Rails are 3D
-The cauldron with Powder Snow is different.
-Glow Berries are 3D
-New detail in the Mods Carpet.
-The Composter is 3D.
-Cocoa is more realistic.
-Red and Blue Chiseled Nether Bricks (Optifine)
-The chests were changed.
- can rename the stone tools, so that they are Blackstone (Optifine).
-Stone axe - Blackstone axe
-Stone hoe - Blackstone hoe
-Stone sword - Blackstone sword
-Stone pickaxe - Blackstone pickaxe
-Stone shovel - Blackstone shovel

Possibly I skipped some changes, but those are the ones I remember, and excuse me if there are some bugs, it's just that it has been complicated to play Minecraft (in Java and Bedrock) for testing.

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11/19/2022 12:01 am
Level 1 : New Network
WhispyTheGuy avatar
The bedrock download page is error, fix it
11/15/2022 5:29 pm
Level 26 : Expert Button Pusher
TheDeadlyMachine avatar
those shears kinda look like something else..
11/15/2022 7:18 pm
Level 44 : Master Creeper
MineCreepy_VanillaApproved avatar
no you've supposed to choose Rock Paper Scissors
11/15/2022 6:05 pm
Level 44 : Master Creeper
MineCreepy_VanillaApproved avatar
rock, paper, scissors
02/19/2022 1:56 pmhistory
Level 44 : Master Creeper
MineCreepy_VanillaApproved avatar

02/15/2022 10:59 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
AndronixESE avatar
could i use enchanting table and gold pressure plate texture in my pack? They look awsome and i will give you credit
02/15/2022 12:32 pm
Level 40 : Master Explorer
Endmir26 avatar
Yes, but I recommend adapting the textures to your Texture Pack, such as the soul fire of the Enchanting Table.
02/15/2022 12:35 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
AndronixESE avatar
thank you so much, tbh i was gonna use just the blue part from enchanting coz it looks neat :)
02/12/2022 10:00 pm
Level 37 : Artisan System
Literal_Garbage_Robin avatar
It won't lemme download the bedrock using media fire
11/16/2022 10:06 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
BrownOwl avatar
hello there stranger
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