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RedHat BE [RENDER DRAGON] Windows, Android, iOS, XBOX, Switch and PS

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    Bedrock Edition
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    RedHat BE [RENDER DRAGON] Windows, Android, iOS, XBOX, Switch and PS Minecraft Texture Pack

    RedHat BE [RENDER DRAGON] Windows, Android, iOS, XBOX, Switch and PS Minecraft Texture Pack

    RedHat is a graphical improvement for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that focuses mostly on Realism and


    Unlike other packs, RedHat can work on any device, even on a Xbox!

    And also, RedHat supports Render Dragon! So you can play with it on Windows too.

    RedHat BE [RENDER DRAGON] Windows, Android, iOS, XBOX, Switch and PS Minecraft Texture Pack

    You have many reasons of why choosing RedHat instead of Shaderless or other packs that pretend to be shaders:

    1 - Much more realistic Sun and Moon

    2 - More natural water color, opacity & fog color

    3 - Custom GUI & Panorama

    4 - Slightly better performance

    5 - Colored Fog

    6 - Custom End Sky

    7 - No issues with anti-aliasing

    RedHat BE is the bedrock version of RedHat for Java.

    RedHat (for java) is a pretty popular shaderpack, and one of the most realistic out there.

    At some point, i had the random idea of doing RedHat for the Bedrock Edition, and i eventually did.

    There was a problem though: Render Dragon.

    Render Dragon prevents Windows users to use Shaders that were coded in GLSL / HLSL.

    So, for allow Windows users to use it too, i used textures and JS files instead.

    I also needed someone to do some nice sky textures for the overworld, and TheHybred helped me a lot with that.

    Waving Grass

    Custom Enchantment Glint

    Custom Clouds & Sky

    Realistic 4K Sun & Moon

    RTX-like and Biome-specific Water

    Better Underwater fog

    Custom Panorama in the Main Menu

    Modified GUI

    Waving Crops

    Waving Flowers

    Custom End sky

    Pink Birch Leaves

    And many other features.

    You may notice a decrease of the FPS of 7-8 FPS due to the high resolution textures.

    No. Only the Java version has ray-traced reflections.

    Windows (10 & 11) - Android - iOS - XBOX - PS(4 & 5) - Nintendo Switch

    I didn't test on older versions, but it should work on any version from 1.17.1 to 1.14



    The End

    License Version: v1.0 BE

    All rights reserved.

    1) Modifying

    You can modify RedHat ONLY for yourself.
    If you want to publish an edit of RedHat, you must ask for permissions to MLGImposter first.

    2) Redistributing

    You can redistribute RedHat ONLY by using the original link.
    You cannot claim RedHat as your own work.
    You have to credit MLGImposter.
    You cannot write false information in the post/website (like RTX shader).
    You cannot use any monetized links.
    You cannot credit people that wasn't helping with the RedHat development.
    You cannot change the name of RedHat.
    You cannot use false screenshots.

    3) Using RedHat in videos and screenshots

    -You are allowed to use this shaderpack for screenshots and videos if you give the shaderpack name in the description/message
    -You are allowed to use this shaderpack in monetized videos if you respect the rule below.
    -You cannot use a monetized link to the RedHat download.
    -You cannot claim RedHat as your own shader.
    -Absolutely no telling false information.

    CreditMLGImposter and TheHybred
    Progress100% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft Bedrock

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