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Simplista Premium [LabPBR/OldPBR]

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Shivamzter avatar Shivamzter
Level 55 : Grandmaster Artist
Simplista Premium [LabPBR/OldPBR] Minecraft Texture Pack
Simplista Premium [LabPBR/OldPBR] Minecraft Texture Pack Simplista Premium [LabPBR/OldPBR] Minecraft Texture Pack

What is Simplista?

A simple texture pack made by reducing color noise from albedo textures and adding PBR support.


Simplista is mainly a LabPBR based texture pack but is also available in OldPBR version and is also available for BedrockRTX as a conversion, meaning it not only supports roughness and smoothness like other packs but also allot more stuff like Subsurface Scattering, Hardcoded Metals, and Porosity etc. That's not it, there's also Custom Block Models created by me using Blockbench to make the experience even better.

What are the Requirements and Compatibility?

Simplista is compatible from Minecraft version 1.16 to the latest version this day whatever it is.

Optifine is the main requirement for Simplista and a LabPBR shader is highly recommended.

How do I install and make my game look like in the screenshots above?

Please take a look at our wiki explaining the installation from start to end in detail.
if you still have any questions please join my Discord server and in #support server ping @staff role and we'll help you out as soon as we can!

What is the difference between the LabPBR and OldPBR versions? and which one should I use?
LabPBR is the latest PBR standard which allows artists to define and integrate more features such as F0/IOR, HardCodedMetals, Porosity, and Subsurface Scattering instead of just Smoothness, Metalness, Normals, AO, Emissiveness like OldPBR.

I am getting a version mismatch warning.
You may safely ignore the warning, the texture pack should load just fine on 1.16 and later versions.

Can I use a different shader pack other than the one you suggested in the wiki?
Every shader is different than one another and thus affects the final look of the pack.
If you prefer a different look, that’s completely up to you feel free to experiment.

I installed Simplista but I'm not seeing the 3D effect shown in the screenshots.
Please follow the installation guide to match the results in the screenshots.

Why are you asking for money for your work?
You might not think about it, but making this stuff is not free. Everything comes at a cost, especially time and effort the countless hours making this happen are priceless. By getting the Premium version you are directly supporting the development of the project and in return also getting updates till you keep supporting with a lot more features.

Terms of Use
You may not:
* Distribute the texture pack in any way.
* Claim the texture pack as your piece of work.
* Reverse engineer the texture pack.
* Edit and make another texture pack out of it and sell it.
* Make commercial use of the texture packs or its textures.

You may:
* Edit the textures for personal use.
* Showcase the texture pack on YouTube or socials (You must provide the link to my site "https://www.shivamzter.com" in the description).

Simplista By Shivamzter

Progress60% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.2

3 Update Logs

Simplista Premium R21 : by Shivamzter 02/27/2023 1:23:03 pmFeb 27th

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  • crimson_fungus
  • warped_fungus
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  • composter_compost
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  • reinforced_deepslate_bottom
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  • reinforced_deepslate_side
  • daylight_detector_side
  • daylight_detector_top
  • daylight_detector_inverted_top

  • Fixed Glass not appearing correctly in Iris
  • Fixed Seems in a few textures
  • Reduced all flowering_azalea's smoothness

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02/27/2023 7:58 pm
Level 28 : Expert Sus
WholesomeCarrot59 avatar
I like this pack. It's not too complicated or too simple. It's just right.
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