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[1.12] MONOCHROM Resource Pack

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avatar Chiaroscuro
Contest Judge
Level 51 : Grandmaster Ladybug
Update 12/8: Major update. Update log for details.

Have you ever wanted to see Minecraft in the 1920s? What about a resource pack that makes differentiating blocks more difficult? No? Well, me neither. But here it is anyway!

MONOCHROM is a monochrome texture pack that uses my Farbenlehre resource pack as a base for a little experimental style. Once upon a time, I stumbled upon a map that used a half-grayscale texture pack that had really interesting results, and since then I've been wanting to create a grayscale pack. The recent release of my own resource pack gave me the opportunity to create this, which I found especially relevant because Farbenlehre translates to "color theory".

Unfortunately, not all of the textures in MONOCHROM are truly grayscale, but I changed as many textures (including many hardcoded ones) as I could. More information in the Notes section.



Optifine is required for the full function of this pack!

You are not allowed to use any of my textures for other packs, nor are you allowed to redistribute this pack elsewhere without permission (unless, of course, you're simply sending it to a friend).

If anyone would like to help me out with these last few textures, I'd be more than happy to credit you!
  • Banners (as far as I understand, they are hardcoded and cannot be changed)
  • Leaves in the inventory
  • Some spawn eggs
  • Various highlighted text
  • Mesa biomes
I highly recommend trying this pack with some shaders. It is the weirdest thing I've ever experienced (though as a sidenote, this is one of the few packs that I think looks better without shaders).
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 12/08/2017 1:30:15 pmDec 8th, 2017

A collection of updates that has brought it in line with the newest version of Farbenlehre, including recoding, recolorizing, and fixes.

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  • Pat_N
  • Level 8
  • Apprentice Miner
  • July 15, 2018, 1:52 pm
For some reason, granite and red netherbrick appeared to have no texture on 1.12.2 optifine.
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Contest Judge
  • Level 51
  • Grandmaster Ladybug
  • July 16, 2018, 7:01 am
Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into it when I have the time
  • TechGamin
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • February 3, 2018, 1:11 pm
wow. just wow.
  • KiwiShinzu
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • January 17, 2018, 11:16 am
Can you make a blue version. Like the red Add-on of this.
  • Zylerius
  • Level 28
  • Expert Network
  • December 7, 2017, 6:38 pm
Pretty cool idea!
  • Shireen
  • Level 67
  • High Grandmaster Pokemon
  • December 5, 2017, 8:01 am
I like this, good job!
  • okl1001
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 4, 2017, 9:43 am
You can change banner colors with Optifine using a color.properties. Banner colors are taken from the colors used on maps. Scroll down this list and find General map colors.
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Contest Judge
  • Level 51
  • Grandmaster Ladybug
  • December 4, 2017, 11:28 am
I changed the map colors in the color.properties file and it didn't change the banners, though

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