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Illumination - A Datapack/Minigame

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avatar SUPERIONtheKnight
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
Welcome to Illumination!
Illumination is a Datapack/Minigame that can be installed into any world! This is done similarly to a schematic, but is instead all in Vanilla Minecraft. Once installed, You can go check out the minigame itself! Although, I highly recommend exploring the rest of the lobby at some point. :)

The Illumination Minigame!
When starting, you will be put into a randomly generated room. Your goal is to use the items given to you to light up the room as fast as you possibly can! Sounds easy enough, but the items given are also(somewhat) random and have different functionalities. As such, you will have a different puzzle every time you play! Players will also have the option to pick a team before the game begins. This means that you can play by yourself, or with a whole bunch of friends! Teams that have successfully lit up the room before their opponents, and before the timer runs out will make themselves the winners!

The Cave of Trials!
If the minigame is currently running and you can't get in to play, then check out the Cave of Trials! In this cave, you must parkour to the end in 60 seconds or less(I'd be extra impressed if you do it in 30 seconds!).

Resource Pack!
You can download the resource pack HERE for potentially less lag, and for a different look. With that said, it does make it more difficult to see transparent blocks(like glass/slime/etc). In order for the resource pack to work, make sure that the option "[Particles]" is set to "Resource Pack". You can set this via "[-Options-]" before starting the game.

Installing/Uninstalling! - click to reveal
#1: If you are going to put this datapack into your world, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR WORLD! While I am confident that nothing will go wrong with the installation, it's still possible and it's better to be safe than sorry. If you aren't going to make a backup, then put the datapack into a world that you don't care about.
#2: This datapack requires the use of the worldspawnpoint, and also requires that the gamerule doTileDrops be set to true. This will be handled automatically.
#3: Adding/Removing the structure/schematic is a laggy process!
#4: I don't recommend using this datapack with any other datapacks/commands as there could be compatibility issues.
#5: I also don't recommend using any mods/plugins as they could result in the pack not working properly(Optifine is an exception to this as it's awesome and I highly recommend it).
#6: The gamerules "commandBlockOutput" and "logAdminCommands" will be disabled for a better user experience. You can re-enable them by using the following:
/gamerule commandBlockOutput true
/gamerule logAdminCommands true

Installation - click to reveal
#1: Download the zip file for 1.13.2 HERE.
#2: Start the game, go to singleplayer, click on your world, click "Edit", click "Open World Folder".
#3: Put the zip file that you just downloaded inside of the "datapacks" folder(Don't unzip it!).
#4: Load up your world and type /reload
#5: Select the option to add/remove the structure/schematic.
#6: Place the spawn egg in a place that is FAR AWAY FROM ANY IMPORTANT BUILDS!!! This location should be relatively flat with no almost air/water underneath. Also don't put it in the side of a mountain for example as that will cause extra lag. Also make sure that there aren't any pets nearby as they will be killed!
#7: Once placed, you will be asked if this location is ok. If so, click Yes and expect some tps lag. If not, click No and repeat step 6.
#8: Have fun! :D
Uninstalling - click to reveal
#1: Type /reload
#2: Select the option to add/remove the structure/schematic.
#3: Place the spawn egg and select the option to remove the structure/schematic. Expect lag.
#4: Type /reload
#5: Select the option to delete the datapacks save data.
#6: Close your world and delete the zip file that you originally downloaded/installed.

Progress75% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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  • Luna_Mari
  • Level 1
  • New Crafter
  • December 5, 2018, 2:07 pm
Cool!! Im liking the idea!!!
  • TheBlockKing
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Miner
  • December 5, 2018, 12:43 pm
´╗┐Nice i will train it

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