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Assorted Nonsense
Level 41 : Master Gent
It is with great regret that I announce the discontinuation of the further development of Dragon Island.
I will not be updating the pack to be compatible with version 1.9, nor will I be finishing the Black Diamonds expansion.
Working on Dragon Island has been a great experience, but I fear it is time for me to move on.

Thank You, Good Night

PMC's servers where crap in their heyday, I can't imagine things getting any better. So, in an effort to ease the burden on my old lover/detractor, I am hosting all my crap in this Google Drive:


If you wish to continue my work for some appalling reason, hit me up, I check this site every month or so.

Hail, wanderer of Cyberspace. In your travels you have stumbled this thing 'ere.

I don't care for long winded high-blown introductions, you how about stop reading this and take a look at the screenshots.

Done? Good; here is a bulleted list. Because it seems to be working for some people.
  • Some Animated Blocks
  • MCpatcher Alternate Mobs for Zombies, Villagers and Animals
  • A handful of 32x32 Items
  • Lots and Lots of Flourescence
  • An Attempt at combining the smoothnes of Simplified Packs with the Realism of other packs
  • Is not photorealistic, instead relying on creativity what people seem to call an 'artstyle'
  • A Zombie with no head
  • Connected Textures Mod Compatibility!
  • It's pretty bad

Also included; Black Diamonds, a smaller pack that changes the color of diamonds and stone. It's alright.

Honestly, I'm starting to get the impression that 1.8 doesn't want me to use it

To paraphrase Super Meat Boy, "MCPatcher isn't required, but neither is bathing"

Lastly, would whoever posted a copy of Dragon Island on MinecraftDL without my knowledge or consent kindly go shiv themselves with a rusty railroad spike. Thank you.

Civility, Public Ownership, Fried Foods
-Assorted Nonsense
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.8.1
  • Armor
  • Art
  • Environment
  • GUI
  • Items
  • Misc
  • Mobs
  • Terrain

Note: Showing last 25 of 27 logs.

Update #27 : 07/11/2015 2:04:18 pm7/11/15

Remade Cake

Fabricated Gold Block CTM alternate versions

Fabricated Obsidian Block CTM alternate version

Fabricated Snow versions of stone blocks

Rotated Sandstone Double Slab for no reason

Fabricated Dark Oak Double Slab Pillar

Fabricated Wood Pressure Plate

Replaced some paintings

Added CTM Alternate Creepers and Endermen

Fabricated a new CTM Stonebrick Double Slab

Finally fixed reeds

Fixed CTM Gate

Dragon Island Returns : 05/20/2015 8:31:17 pm5/20/15

Oh internet fame following that could comfortably in a single van, you're like a bad boyfriend, I just can't stay away.
I've been doing my best to get on with my life, but here I am. Whatever.

Here's what's new:
Fabricated Birch bookshelves, on my quest to make all wood items birch
Replaced Diamond Tool handles with black diamond wood
Reworked Stone Tools to have birch handles
Fabricated CTM Custom Button
Added some CTM alt Cobble Walls
Added files to make CTM wool work for carpets
Did a bit with CTM Fences
Reworked Gravel
Reworked Birch Ladder
Remade Cactus
Remade Lapis Block
Remade Bedrock
Started some stuff with nether brick
Remade Acacia
Did some Birch Stuff
Remade Wood double slabs
Reworked Detector Rails
Reworked Quartz block
Reworked Chiseled Stone

Try it Now : 01/03/2015 10:59:46 am1/03/15

So I have been informed that the download link does not work. That's cool. The logical next step is to push the next update and reupload.

Here is a change log, for the fraction of people who care:
Fabricated Spruce, oak logs
Fabricated Boat
Fabricated Bookshelf Top
Fabricated Oak Log
Fabricated Black Diamond Ladder
Fabricated Black Diamond Door
Fabricated Black Diamond Minecart
Finished Armour Stand
Edited BD Butcher
Edited both Iron Armours

Probably version 2.4 : 12/20/2014 9:36:11 pm12/20/14

So I am posting Black Diamonds and Default in the same folder now, this is a temporary arrangement, as in the near future I will be posting Black Diamonds as it's own pack. To facilitate this I will start expanding the differences of the two, giving Black Diamonds a magic motif, and Default a sciencey motif. For now, I have made all Gold Black Diamond versions of most silver items. Plus some other stuff.

I messed up the numbering system, fortunately no one cares : 12/02/2014 8:11:11 pm12/02/14

I have temporarily regained interest in this project, so I figured I should post some of it now, before I lose interest again.

Emergency Update : 10/31/2014 2:22:29 pm10/31/14

I noticed that Silver Armour is missing, so I replaced it

I also Added Prismarine and barriers

Ugh No one reads these : 10/25/2014 6:08:50 pm10/25/14

Fortunately, because I haven't been keeping track.

I believe I redid acacia, doors and added CTM

One Point Eight Update : 09/07/2014 3:04:30 pm9/07/14

Updated to add New Enchanting Table. Probably some other stuff as well, that I can't remember.

Whatever, I haven't had much time to work on Dragon Island lately, as much as it pains me to say it. Oh well.

One Point Eight Emminent Update : 08/30/2014 2:00:32 pm8/30/14

This is what I've gotten done over the past two weeks:

Fabricated Horrible Refrigerator Dispenser Thing, Placed in Alternates, project scrapped
Fabricated Black Diamond Mycelium
Reworked Emerald
Fabricated Slime block
Reworked Emerald Ore
Reworked Wools
Reworked Splash Screen
Reworked Brick Double Slabs
Fabricated Spruce DoorFabricated Andesite

Here's what I haven't done:
Figured out what's causing Planet Minecraft to prevent me from uploading anything

Version 2 : 08/14/2014 10:49:19 am8/14/14

If one person explicitly asks me to, I will go back to the old format of announcing updates.
Until then:
Fabricated CTM Stonebrick Doubleslab

Reworked Black Diamond Grass, Dirt, Podzol Etc

Reworked Black Diamond Snow, it is now white God forgive me

Reworked Cobblestone, yet again

Fabricated Black Diamond CTM Netherbrick DoubleSlab

Fabricated Black Diamond CTM Stonebrick DoubleSlab

Fabricated Black Diamond CTM Cobblestone DoubleSlab

Reworked Gravel

Fabricated Black Diamonds CTM gravel, WED

Reworked Mob Spawner

Fabricated Cauldron

Reworked Rails

Reworked Iron (Trap)Door

Fabricated Cauldron

Fixed Birch Planks

Fabricated Anvils

Fabricated Black Diamond Rails

Fabricated Black Diamond Farmland
Fabricated Black Diamond Redstone Block

My original offer still stands, send me a private message and I will put you the next Dragon Island as an Alternate Villager and Zombie

Connected Textures Mod, Quick Fix : 08/06/2014 5:52:33 pm8/06/14

Fixes Some problems with Yesterdays Update, like opaque glass and Black Diamond Wood

Also adds Wood Double Slabs, Black Diamond Stone Slab Pillars and Fixed Silver Black Diamonds tools

Connected Textures Mod : 08/05/2014 1:03:17 pm8/05/14

Fabricated Black Diamond Wooden Items: Arrow, Fishing Rod, Radish on Stick, Item Frame, Bow

Fabricated Black Diamond Wooden Blocks: (Redstone) Torch, Wood Trapdoor, Tripwire Hook

Fabricated Anger Games Green Wall Light Glowstone

Fabricated Black Diamond Iron Items, Iron Block (Trapdoor) (Door) Bars

Fabricated Alt Zombie 7, White

Fixed Black Diamonds Bookshelf

Edited Minecart

Ctm: Wood pressure plate is now birch!

Ctm: Open and closed Powder Keg TNT

Reworked Soul Sand

Ripped Glass Edges Completely

Double Netherbrick Slabs

New Paintings, I believe

Congratulations on reading the Update Log, Describe to me a person, and I will make it into a alt Villager and Zombie! (Offer Valid for as long as I feel like it)

Who Actually Reads These : 07/26/2014 7:21:27 pm7/26/14

Good Evening:

Continued Nanosuit Villager

Remade Nether Brick

Remade Jungle Wood

Remade Sandstone, yet again

Fabricated Sandstone Bottom

Fabricated Iron Trapdoor

Reworked Packed Ice

Fixed Alt Spider

Reworked Zombie Pigman

Fabricated Pack Icons

Detailed Explanations of my motives are available on request

Follow Up Update that Should have Happened A Week Ago : 07/17/2014 12:27:05 pm7/17/14

Due to circumstance beyond my control, I have unable to correct the regrettable download process, but it is fixed now so lets just try to forget it.
Notably I have added 1.8 textures, some my own, others default, to Dragon Island in anticipation of Minecraft 1.8, whenever that may be.
As well as:
Fixed Black Diamond Iron Hoe
Reworked Black Diamond Iron Armour
Fabricated Granite
Reworked Stonebrick
Fabricated Diorite and Polished Diorite.
Reworked Torch, Original placed in Alternates
Reworked Tools, Wood (Stone) Sword, Stick
Fixed white blank world lock symbol
Fabricated cursor
Started Another Villager Variant
Reworked Wood Trapdoor

Death can not hold Me : 07/04/2014 11:36:34 pm7/04/14

I suppose I owe you all an explanation for the high blown open retirement letter. You are not going to get one however.

Instead you are getting a veritable half-bucketfull of things, stuff, and assorted new content.
Introducing; The Anger Games. A bleak half-pack designed for PvP worlds. Including HD weapons a some other stuff. More Black Diamonds: New redesigned tools to accomodate the darker color scheme. It looks nice.
Probably some other things I don't remember, I've been working on this, on and off, for the past few weeks.

I was going to wait until Minecraft 1.8 was released, but that may not be for another couple months.That and I've never been one to postpone content updates for no reason. Enjoy, I guess.

Update: For reason I have yet to understand; I an incapable of uploading neither the new updated Dragon Island nor older versions nor anything at all. I will do my best to fix this problem but I have no idea when that may be. Any ideas at all would be appreciated

New Upload Method Update : 12/10/2013 8:59:47 pm12/10/13

Hello Persons
Today I've got a few new things for you. I've reworked some of the GUI's in an attempt to make them less, uh, purple but still retain the Sense of Fluorescent fun the Magnificent MysteryCraft had. Let me know how it turned out, would you kindly. I've added a few new textures such as another MCPatcher alt Villager, and a purple eyed spider that is supposed to have blue eyes, I am working on that. Iron tools are now more reddish grey, and stone a bit darker.

The Bloody Daylight Detectors : 11/25/2013 10:25:23 pm11/25/13

I fixed the bloody daylight detectors Solar Panels.
Also, Chain Armor, now gas-mask hazmat suit combo, with the leggings now suspenders, because I realized I didn't have any Suspenders related Item in my pack.

The First Update Since the Crash : 11/18/2013 11:10:01 pm11/18/13

Hello Persons
I got a holefull of goodies for you today.
First off, Creative Mode Gui has been finished, as well as a fancy new Gui for Dispensers

Second, All the villagers are complete. They are designed after old skins of mine about two of you might recognize (as well as a villager in a red shirt and armor)

Trapped Chests are now identical to regulars, plus an ominous battery pack and wires in the back.

Animations finally Fixed

Redone Power rails, they no longer look like candy canes, if you don't like what they do look like I put the candy canes in the alternate folder.

Other, boring stuff.

This and That : 11/18/2013 11:07:29 pm11/18/13

Good Evening Persons

I have no Idea what I just posted.

A Minor Update I See no reason to Postpone : 11/01/2013 8:25:29 pm11/01/13

Hello There

Today I have Some more stuffs for you most of which are related to the 1.7:
Colored glass in Dragon Island Style and design.
Swirled Centres for Acacia and BigOak, as well as redesigns on their respective woods.
A 64X64 Iron Pickaxe.
Probably some other stuff, instead of reading pointless Update Logs, how about you download the !#@$ thing and find out.

The Follow Up Update To the Update That Changed the World : 10/26/2013 7:38:28 pm10/26/13

Hello Three Person Fanbase

As you most likely know Mojang has released another update and has called me to action to jump back into the world of mediocre resource packs. In the near future I plan to post a veritable bucketful of my artistically bankrupt work, but for now, enjoy: Retextured Fishies, toned down clay to facilitate Mesas, a Work in Progress Wither, and I don't know what Podzol is, but I redid it anyway.

Another Follow Up Update : 07/22/2013 5:55:49 pm7/22/13

Hello Persons.
I have a minor, but exciting update today.
First Gold Horse Armor has been redone in silver
Second, Black Diamond items have been correctly renamed.
Most Importantly I have redone the Language files so Gold items are now Officially Silver and carrots are officially Radishes
Ok maybe it's not that exciting but I'm quite proud of myself and wanted to post it early.

Also after a period of heavy thinking I have decided not to mess with horses much, save adding in plagued variants.

Version One and a Half : 07/20/2013 11:36:23 pm7/20/13

Hello Persons.
As Promised I have completely redone the textures for all hardened clay variants: every one is a unique pattern, I think it's really cool and I hope you do to.
I have reworked the GUI's for Beacon and Horse, some other various textures here and there and re-added the MC Patcher Alternate zombies, Adequate Man, and an odd looking cow with The Weird Blue Plague completely covering it's Face.
Lastly I have replaced the Hunger bar meat slabs with little red apples with a half a hunger unit being is an apple core! I'm so clever I make my self laugh, hahaha.

Version one point forty one : 07/16/2013 11:33:08 am7/16/13

A minor update replacing the broken Power Rails with the original candy cane version.
It also adds in a few other things I've been working on etc etc etc

Update #4 : 07/13/2013 6:27:55 pm7/13/13

Hello Persons.
Today I have the first of many updates in an attempt to eliminate the aforementioned headache element from my work, today I have redone wood, and stone, as well as creepers and blocks of redstone.
Also, the animations for redstone block, firecharge and enderpearl were lost in the resource pack transition, I will try to remake them, but in the meantime i never really like any of them, so can you say hint.
I will do my best to have all the stained clay completely reworked by the end of the week.
In the meantime, enjoy exploring by horseback, (cause it's the only thing this stupid update added.)

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Gg, love the comedy, my otter approves, great textures and a whole lot of awesomeness... I know who your father is, but thats besides the point right? Anywhosamabomblestops, I better continues my adventuring, But I loved this stop at "Dragon Island" or however you say it. Peace in the middle east homes!
You should tell people that when they download this all they get is a note that says "Sorry", no resource pack.
I explain the situation in the third paragraph from the bottom of the description.
If you open 'Sorry.txt' the working download link is at the bottom.
  • Twilightz0ne
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Mage
  • January 3, 2015, 6:49 am
Oh, ok. Thanks, I guess
  • Twilightz0ne
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Mage
  • January 3, 2015, 6:38 am
  • Twilightz0ne
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Mage
  • January 3, 2015, 6:36 am
NO WAY BRUH! ok i cant wait to try it out!

*and.... DOWNLOAD*
It wont let me download Dragon Island :(
Thank you for telling me, try it now
Boo island? hehe..

Anyway, I think I'll like this pack. I just hope not every zomble is what you say.

Head? I am lacking in head. Fawful is headless.

...I type as I listen to both hailfire peaks themes together...
  • inojakal
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • August 21, 2014, 4:25 am
loving this pack.
DIAMOND!!!! :3 love it!
  • EndTEmpire
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • November 1, 2013, 4:59 pm
Looks niccce
Maybe give some of the villagers aRPG themed look?

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