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  • The Past and Future of Assorted Nonsense

    God, this place is still around? It seems like yesterday that looked at 1.8 and said, "Nah" and packed up and left.
    It is strange going back and surveying my work with a more experienced eye. Some elements have held up well and others haven't. Those that didn't hold up did so through no fault of my own and those that did are few and far between. Two years ago Skylight was, in my eyes, my magnum opus, yet I now see it as a confusing mess of squares and corridors and glowstone and patterns details and details and details.
    Time is a fickle mistress. I have always thought of myself as someone who could look at themself through objective eyes, but as I grow older I see that has often not been the case. Even at the time I knew Dragon Island was inferior to my favorite texture packs, but didn't know how to articulate why. Now I can see it as noisy, too high in contrast in places and with too low in others, and with a penchant for things that make no sense to anyone but me. I think an unreleased alternate block that looked like stone bricks made out of cake summed up my approach to content creation. Why did I make this? Who is this for? I didn't care I wanted to make something that was my own. And I did. That is why, in spite of everything, I think my time on this site was a success.

    Having now been divorced completely from the world of Minecraft for over a year I can say with certainty that I never intend to return for reasons beyond entertaining a nostalgic fantasy. Nevertheless! My creative itch remains: today I sate it with the Source Engine, tomorrow, I don't know.
    If you are so inclined, you can follow my continued endeavors here.
  • All of my crap can be found here

    PMC's servers where crap in their heyday, I can't imagine things getting any better. So, in an effort to ease the burden on my old lover/detractor, I am hosting all my crap in this Google Drive:


    If you wish to continue my work for some appalling reason, hit me up, I check this site every month or so.
  • About

    It is with great regret that I announce the discontinuation of the further development of Dragon Island.
    I will not be updating the pack to be compatible with version 1.9, nor will I be finishing the Black Diamonds expansion.
    Working on Dragon Island has been a great experience, but I fear it is time for me to move on.

    Thank You, Good Night
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